Pay per click management

Cut through the complexity – Increase your leads without increasing your costs.

Expertise and an iterative, managed approach to generate and convert the leads you want.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns aren’t only about keywords and clicks anymore. Our expertise and solutions leverage automation, remarketing and display optimisation to create flexible, value-driven campaigns that engage high-intent audiences actively looking for your product or service.


“I was impressed with how detailed, thorough and well structured the keyword research and campaign development was in Google ads. We halved the CPA as
a group travel startup amidst a pandemic which was quite something. Similarly, the structuring and reporting in Facebook ads was professional and clear. I m very happy to recommend and continue working with the Kurve team.”

Jasper Cox

Co-Founder @ Packed

Oren Greenberg

Founder & PPC Lead

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How we work

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1. Research

We conduct a full account audit, customer and competitor analysis, and gain a thorough understanding of your campaign objectives and KPIs.

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2. Strategy

We formulate campaign hypotheses and carry out account optimisation, bid strategy, positive and negative search terms research, and compelling ad creation.

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3. Analysis

We measure performance against KPIs and validate your paid channels, perform ongoing A/B testing, prioritise budgets, and optimise conversion rates.

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Data driven...

Our strategies depend on the data we gather in the research phase of the campaign. We then constantly fine-tune them according to the analysis. This means that each campaign is unique to every client’s audience and desired outcome to ensure consistent growth.

The benefits of PPC Marketing

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Flexibility and efficiency

Generate direct enquiries and purchases, build your subscriber list, or validate new products and services. Plus, you can activate or deactivate when you choose.

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Real-time results

Spy on your competitors and get an immediate snapshot of what your audience is searching for.

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Strategic advantage

With a wealth of data at your fingertips, you can engage your audience at a granular level with micro-targeted ads and messages.

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Iterative, scalable, fast and cost effective

Run multiple tests quickly allowing you to validate, optimise and iterate for maximum return on investment.

“Working with Shaian and his team was great. Professional and responsive, really knows his Google ads navigating a complex and large account. We required an interim solution due to a last minute candidate falling through, glad we found Kurve to plug the gap.”

Jason Spanomanolis

Product & Marketing Analytics @ Manual

What we do


Managed brand and generic PPC


Optimised account structure


Optimised bid strategy


Quality score/Search Terms strategy




Landing page supervision


A/B testing


Campaign management

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Support for in-house teams

We can support your existing in-house team or provide interim paid management while you scale.

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Our expert candidate screening and interview advice will help you find the right person for your team.

PPC stories

, Paid Search 50% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition within 1 month

Packed is an ingeniously practical app that simplifies group travel by allowing everyone in the group to coordinate, organise, and book through one shared channel

Paid search plays an obvious part in their lead generation. By mid-2020, however, their campaigns were running at higher than expected cost, with lower than expected engagement.

After auditing their ads account, we discovered three key areas we could restructure to optimise and improve their campaign performance:


Isolating and setting up dynamic retargeting ads, to target returning users, service line page visitors, and other website audiences in an “always- on”, automated re-engagement campaign.


Budget and bid strategy, which allowed us to segment the account by location and keyword, as well as by key service lines, while targeting higher-performing locations with lower-cost keywords.


Optimise their messaging to engage along the full funnel, using broader, more generic keywords at the top of the funnel and capturing more meaningful intent with targeted, niche keywords at the bottom of the funnel.

The result of this restructuring was over 500 dynamic campaigns. We further managed these campaigns with targeted messaging to help optimise conversion rates and quality score.

Most importantly, though, the payoff was immediate within the first month, packed saw their average cost per acquisition decrease by over 50%, along with a 30% increase in conversions.

, Paid Search

– 50% CPA within 1 month

, Paid Search

+30% Click Through Rate

, Paid Search

SeedLegals increase revenue by almost 100%

SeedLegals is the one-stop legals platform founders and entrepreneurs need to get investment ready, get funded, and grow their businesses.

The account audit revealed that their returning audience cost less than half of acquiring a new audience.

With this information, we immediately segmented the account to target new and returning users with their own respective campaigns, while assigning 100% of the budget to returning users.

By doing this, we saw an immediate 50% drop in cost per acquisition. At the same time, the number of qualified leads doubled. And because the budget and conversion rates remained the same, this resulted in nearly a 100% increase in revenue for SeedLegals.

, Paid Search

– 50% CPA

, Paid Search

+approx. 100% Revenue

Ready to increase your leads and not your costs?