Case Studies

Increased Open Wonga rankings and pushed competitors off the 1st page of Google for key brand search terms.

Open Wonga is a domain Wonga uses to host news and information about the brand. It covers statistics about Wonga loans and reaction to any news stories. The site also offers FAQs about Wonga loans and general support for customers.


Kurve increased rankings from 7-13th to 2nd for related brand terms.

This increased search visibility for Open Wonga while pushing down competitors from ranking for Wonga brand terms.


Due to the brand popularity of Wonga, competitors started to rank on the first pages for the brand name. Wonga set Kurve the challenge to get their other web properties to rank on the front pages for the Wonga brand name and above these competitors in a short time frame


Kurve created a rigorous strategy that included targeting a large network of finance industry websites and influencers. The aim was to build up a high volume of backlinks while maintaining a consistency of Brand centric anchor text for every link.


Darryl Bowman

Oren is a super smart guy who is an expert in his field. Ever since I have known him, he has set a high bar for himself in terms of increasing his knowledge.In the ever evolving world of search this is important. He will always put his art ahead of commerciality, which is reassuring as a client of his. As, in the ethereal world of search, where a leap of faith is sometimes required, you can at least know that Oren’s advice is coming from a place of great knowledge and integrity.

Daniel Hegarty

Oren made a huge impact on our search function at Wonga, and did so very quickly. He brought a wealth of knowledge and a potent intellect to bear on a complex set of problems, with unsurprisingly positive results. Great guy – focussed, smart and a creative thinker.

Ben Godfrey

Oren understands acquisition inside out. He is a master of all forms of traffic generation and of web and campaign analytics. He has a voracious appetite for continuous improvement and deftly deploys the best tools available. At Wonga he’s been a key part of a digital marketing team which has generated phenomenal growth.

Sajid Akhtar

Oren has been a mentor to me for 5 years now and I owe him a great deal having learnt SEO and PPC from him. He’s nicest and calmest guy you’ll ever meet, and has an eclectic skillset to match. He is a master in SEO and PPC marketing, and he never ceases to evolve as the industry develops. I would warmly recommend Oren’s to any business in need to SEO and PPC advice/services and I look forward to working with him in the future.

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