Google App Campaigns Optimisation Guide

Outperform the competition

App Campaigns combine Google Ads & Apple Search Ads to generate more app installs and/or drive more in-app engagement.

This is how we helped companies like Sweatcoin reach 404,320 installs in just 12 weeks, and this guide captures our process.

Google App Campaigns Optimisation Guide

Download this guide to:

  • Build your creative process and optimise it for success

  • Learn how to use proxies and conversion windows to better target your campaigns

  • Improve ad creation with testing and ad rotation

  • Leverage data to hone future campaigns

Google App Campaigns Optimisation Guide

Asset guide
Best practices to supercharge creative assets

Data assessment
Leverage data to optimise ads

Targeting tips
Increase conversions and reduce campaign spend

Optimisation checklist
Audit campaigns, step-by- step

8.5 billion
Google searches every day

Increase in in-app conversions using ACi

of app installs on Apple devices are sponsored

  • EU-Startups
  • Fortune
  • Business Insider
  • Business Leader

ACi & ASA are good for business

“The testing and campaigns we’ve done with Kurve have been hugely validated and we’re going to be accelerating this going forward.”

Bogdana Orzu

Bogdana Orzu Growth Campaign Manager, Sweatcoin

Android & iOS

Are the most used operating systems worldwide, and we use them to help companies like MDacne, Nutmeg, SweatCoin, and more maximise their app campaigns. And whether it’s driving leads or accelerating growth, we work with scale-ups and corporates to build teams and execute on their strategic goals. Get in touch if you’d like to work with us.