Paid social management

Drive growth using paid social channels such as Facebook & Instagram ads, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Quora & Pinterest

Facebook and advertising isn’t a case of simply putting some creatives together and clicking the ‘publish’ button. There is a methodological approach required now to ensure paid social is an effective platform to advertise. Our expertise will leverage automated rules, audience and creative testing, bidding strategies and a predictable flow of results. 


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Luke Nevill

Facebook Ads Partner

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How we work

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  • Competitor Analysis
  • Account Audit (what is working, opportunities and costs in your account)
  • Product/service research to help with creative ideas.
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Strategy & Formulation

  • Create new images, videos, copy and headlines.
  • Identify new audiences to target
  • Create automated rules to help control fluctuations in performance
  • Iterative testing which is data led to produce the quickest results.
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  • Daily optimisation in the account to ensure results are consistent.
  • Weekly reporting to keep everyone up to date with performance
  • New tests and campaigns created whenever necessary
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Truly effective paid social campaigns help develop a rapport between a business and its audience. This requires understanding, effective storytelling, and personalisation. Our approach validates and then leverages the data in a meaningful way to help you grow.

our process

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The benefits of Paid social Marketing

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Flexibility and efficiency

Generate direct enquiries and purchases, build your subscriber list, or validate new products and services. Plus, you can activate or deactivate when you choose.

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Strategic advantage

With a wealth of data at your fingertips, you can engage your audience at a granular level with micro-targeted ads and messages.

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Iterative, scalable, fast and cost-effective

Run multiple tests quickly allowing you to validate, optimise and iterate for maximum return on investment.

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Better retention, better returns

Leverage paid social to not just help acquire new customers but also to enhance your lifetime value and repeat customers.

“Oren and the team at Kurve are brilliant. Helping us crack growth at a crucial time in the business – supporting on paid social, search analytics and product performance BI. From strategic direction all to the way to nuance of attribution, smashed it.”
Sam Bradley

CMO & Co-Founder @ LickHome

What we do


Campaign management




Curation of images, videos and copy


Managed brand and generic PPC


Strategic input and advice from paid social


In-house support

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Support for in-house teams

We can support your existing in-house team or provide interim paid management while you scale.

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Our expert candidate screening and interview advice will help you find the right person for your team.

Paid Social stories

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437% return on investment over 4 months.

They were in the DIY space which is a competitive industry and were faced with the issue that only 5% of consumers ever purchased online.

Anyone who has ever done any Facebook advertising knows that it is a volatile beast to tame. From our experience there needs to be a systematic approach to testing, analysing and scaling any ad account whilst maintaining consistent results.

Audience and creative segmentation played a very important role in the campaign setup as you can see in the image below. In addition so did the following:

  • Scaling campaigns with automated rules to ensure we weren’t having inconsistent results
  • Differentiating top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel audiences
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Grew user base by over 400%

Seatfrog is a travel app that allows users to bid to upgrade to First Class. This allows customers to travel better for less.

After analysing their customers and use cases we launched ads across a number of channels (Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads). We were responsible for Facebook & Instagram advertising.

It quickly became apparent that iOS and Android had different results with a broad strategy so we split the advertising and targeting between devices. We implemented a three prong approach which consisted of:

  • Top of funnel (TOF) advertising to quickly test and scale best performing audiences and creatives for mobile app installs
  • Middle of funnel remarketing to leverage current marketing efforts for cheap train upgrades
  • Bottom of funnel remarketing to maintain a relationship with current app users to ensure they didn’t forget about using Seatfrog Services

Overall, we managed to achieve a lifetime return on ad spend of 375%.

By the end of us working together we had also established key channels for driving acquisition, average cost per upgrades and differences in LTV across channels.

Ready to increase your customer base and not your costs?