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Increased ROI of the paid search account by over 17%


MyBuilder is an online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradesmen. MyBuilder operate in a complicated niche. On one side they are competing with traditional directories such as TouchLocal and Yell, on the other with niche sites such as Rated-people. MyBuilder is a premium provider in their space. Dominating the rankings, their product offering is of the highest quality, the oldest and also the most reputable with their client base. They have tight relationships and keep close tabs with their customer base. Previously the paid search account has been moved around from agency to in-house and back again.

The challenge MyBuilder have is the huge account structure which few PPC professionals have experience with. Since we had previously worked with TouchLocal we were very familiar with what is required to optimize an account of this size.


CPA drop of 52%

Quality score increase of 1.4 on average

Increase in ROI of over 17% account wide

Increased average CTR by 2.4%

Decreased average CPC by 22%


My Builder set the objective to increase traffic to the website while also making the paid search account profitable with a respectable ROI.



  • Kurve implemented a long tail strategy to focus on cheaper, more niche keywords. This helped to lower CPCs and therefore reduce overall CPA
  • Kurve’s approach was to use best practice to restructure the account. Following this we optimized the account to focus on CPA
  • Kurve then went beyond the adwords account to update internal systems and landing pages to better align company goals with the adwords account and increase quality score, this again lowered CPCs.