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App Store Optimisation Experts

Unlock untapped growth for your app with our App Store Optimization (ASO) experts. Propel your app's performance to new heights and see user acquisition skyrocket.

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Clients we work with

  • BT
  • Lenovo
  • Canon
  • Investec
  • HomeServe
  • accurx
  • lansweeper
  • huggg
  • WhoCanFixMyCar
  • Coconut.
  • Lick
  • sweatcoin
  • treecard
  • WeGift
  • barbri global
  • Peakon
  • Fat Llama
  • fing
  • Lifecake
  • Funding Circle
  • Super Carers
  • Mori
  • nutmeg
  • DAD
From Zero to Hero: Live Mentorship in Just Half an Hour

From Zero to Hero: Live Mentorship in Just Half an Hour

Gain a comprehensive understanding of ASO in a single 30-minute session with our experts.

Our specialists provide one-on-one mentorship, setting the foundation for your app's success.

Case study
Sweatcoin becomes the fastest-growing fitness app in history

Kurve played an instrumental role in making Sweatcoin the fastest-growing health and fitness app in...

Case study
Kurve boosts Treecard app installs by +1,027%

Treecard skyrocketed its user base by over 150% month over month, primarily leveraging TikTok...

Case study
From 600,000 to 3 million Users in 12 Months with Kurve

BackThen partnered with Kurve to overcome a plateau and skyrocket their user base from 600,000 to...

Optimize Not Compromise: Save Time, Money and Sanity

Optimize Not Compromise: Save Time, Money and Sanity

There's no shortage of ASO professionals and agencies out there. But only a few have experience taking startups to scale-ups.

Building a repeatable iterative growth engine is the specialised knowledge we have. We're probably not the right fit if you're looking for incremental improvements rather than 10X growth.

Blast Off to Your First 1k Organic Impressions

Blast Off to Your First 1k Organic Impressions

The formula for success is simple. Keywords + app store conversion rate optimisaiton + creative execution. But the key to scaling user acquisition isn't apparent. The devil is in the details.

Rise to the Top with Our Tried-and-Tested ASO Strategies

Rise to the Top with Our Tried-and-Tested ASO Strategies

Some additional areas we cover:

- Bespoke data platform for reporting

- Integrating with your mobile measurement partner of choice

- Localisation for scaling in foreign languages.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business
Get a comprehensive analysis of your business landscape. We delve into your business model, target audience and competitors to craft strategies that align with your goals.

Step 2: Strategy Development
Our ASO experts devise bespoke strategies, leveraging in-depth app store understanding and state-of-the-art tools. We focus on driving user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Step 3: Get to Execution
We implement the devised strategy meticulously, optimizing app visibility and discoverability in the app stores. Our team ensures accurate execution to drive intended results.

Step 4: Measure Like a Mad Scientist
Our process includes robust tracking and analytics to gauge the impact of our strategies. We measure KPIs, providing clear insights into your app's performance.

Step 5: Scale The Winners
Our work doesn't stop at execution. We continually refine strategies based on performance metrics, ensuring your app stays on top of the ever-evolving app store trends.

Cem Eyi

Cem Eyi

Co-Founder, Beanstalk

Working with Kurve on TikTok influencer outreach has been great. We are targeting the “mumtok” sphere to introduce Beanstalk – our award winning Junior ISA app. Kurve’s outreach strategy, onboarding of talent and managing of paid media were all instrumental in helping make the channel successful for us.

Bogdana Orzu

Bogdana Orzu

Growth Campaign Manager, Sweatcoin

The testing and scaling we did with Kurve really validated our channels, and we’re really looking forward to accelerating this going forward.

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox

Co-founder & CEO, Treecard

Results have been astonishing, and orders of magnitude better than other agencies we’ve worked with.

James McQuarrie

James McQuarrie

Head of Product @ Cookpad & Co-Founder @

Oren worked with us at DAD to help establish our search marketing and user acquisition strategies. His insight and experience took what we were doing before his arrival to a whole new level. His test and learn approach fits nicely into an agile / lean workflow and brings a scientific rigour to what can easily otherwise become a spray and pray activity. I learnt a lot working with Oren and would be very happy to do so again in the future.

Lior Eldan

Lior Eldan

Co-Founder & COO at Moburst - Mobile done right

Oren is passionate about what he does. So passionate, that he engages anyone who works with him to be as passionate as he is. Oren is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and SEO in particular. Combined with his far vision and entrepreneurship, Oren is a manager that inspires and brings the most out of his people. Most importantly, Oren is a cool guy and fun to work with. I would be happy to work with Oren in the future.

George Taylor

George Taylor

Digital growth marketer

I worked with Oren at DAD where he brought a huge amount of valuable experience and strategic input into the business at a crucial stage of the company's life. I valued his pragmatic viewpoint and benefitted a great deal in his approach to digital marketing. Highly skilled yet adaptable to work within the technical limitations of a young business, he massively spearheaded our search marketing efforts and generously imparted his years of knowledge across the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process of improving an app's visibility and ranking on app stores by optimizing elements like titles, keywords and ratings.

ASO is crucial. It increases your app's discoverability, resulting in higher downloads, increased revenue and improved user base. 

An ASO expert is a professional skilled in optimizing mobile apps to enhance their visibility and ranking in app stores, ultimately driving user acquisition and retention.

ASO specialists manage various aspects of an app's optimization, including keyword research, metadata optimization, ratings and reviews analysis, and competitor analysis. They devise and implement strategies to improve app store performance.

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