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Kurve increased monthly leads by 56% and decreased CPA by 41%


Peakon is a platform for measuring and improving employee engagement. Based on decades of organizational research and an application of statistics, Peakon has enabled companies such as Opera, GroupM, Trinity Mirror, Trustpilot and Secret Escapes to create happier, and more efficient workplaces. Peakon automatically collects employee feedback through automated surveys, analyses it and delivers clients back the insights they need to improve their business. Announced as one of the 25 fastest-growing SaaS businesses globally by Cardin Partners (Q3 2017 Edition), Peakon recently raised $22M in a funding B round led by Balderton Capital.


Kurve are very proud to have achieved the following results for Peakon:

CPA drop of 41%

Conversions increased by 56%

Marketing Qualified Leads increased by 80%

Grew the channel into the main lead generation channel for Peakon


Kurve were set the objective to optimise and scale Peakon’s Paid Search Accounts (Adwords & Bing). The account had previously been managed in-house when they sought expert insight and day-to-day management.



With the buying cycle for a complicated B2B SaaS product like Peakon, Kurve needed to develop a full-funnel view of the accounts’ performance. Instead of just focusing on generating conversions, Kurve also had to understand the value behind each conversion. By analysing the lead pipeline, we were able to focus on keywords that improved the conversion rates down the funnel. N-gram analysis was used to extract the highest converting words within keywords and the account was restructured to reflect those findings (funneling the majority of the spend towards those terms). The above, combined with continuous optimisation on ad copy, keywords and negative keywords helped achieve a substantial improvement that grew Paid Search into Peakon’s main acquisition channel.

It was a pleasure working with Kurve during last year. The bar was set high right from the outset but they managed to jump over it in a very short time. Their dedication, support and hard work were critical to Peakon’s growth and I really value the relationship I developed with them.

Yaniv Mazor, VP of growth, Peakon

Yaniv Mazor VP of growth- Peakon