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Lick sees a 437% Return on Investment in 4 Months


Lick occupies a unique position in the online Home Improvement / DIY space. Focused on paints, wall coverings, and window dressings, the company takes a design-forward approach — it provides its customers with the ideas and inspiration to create exceptional living spaces while maintaining an online store that provides the materials they need to make their ideas reality.

Distinguishing itself from the DIY pack, Lick understands that decorating your home based on what you see onscreen can be misleading. That is why the company goes the extra mile to provide free delivery for peel-and-stick paint and paper samples to eliminate the guesswork associated with buying online. Lick knows seeing is believing — there is no substitute for evaluating your design options in the wild.

Results achieved

437% Return On Ad Spend

6000% Increase In Purchase Volume


Despite the unique value proposition Lick offers, DIY is a remarkably competitive industry. The limitations of online product selection when it comes to paint and wall coverings mean that only 5 per cent of consumers or professional decorators ever purchase their materials online. While Lick had a solution to this dilemma in its free physical samples, getting the word out with an effective, targeted ad campaign was critical to improving sales.



The volatility of social media advertising is daunting without expert guidance. Reaching the right people and maintaining budget was something the company struggled with. Kurve had the expertise Lick was lacking. To tame the unpredictability of the Facebook Medium, we instigated a methodological approach to the Lick campaign with rigorous, iterative results testing and analysis.

Automation was key here, leveraging a rules-based strategy to scale the campaign and ensure a consistent and predictable flow of results.

To help Lick identify relevant prospects, audience and creative segmentation were also mainstays of the Kurve strategy. By segmenting the campaign and exploring new channels we were certain Lick’s message was reaching the right eyes.

Finally, Kurve addressed the Lick sales funnel by differentiating top, middle, and bottom of funnel audiences and putting strategies in place to encourage conversions and increase sales at each level.

“Oren and the team at Kurve are brilliant. Helping us crack growth at a crucial time in the business – supporting on paid social, search analytics and product performance BI. From strategic direction, all the way to nuance of attribution, they smashed it.”

Sam Bradley, CMO & Co-Founder @ LickHome

Sam Bradley CMO & Co-Founder @ LickHome