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Kurve reduced CPA by 88%


Nutmeg are the world’s first online investment manager. They target new investors who are offered full transparency into their managed portfolio. Nutmegs innovative approach to online investment allows potential investors to get a full preview of their portfolio before they start to invest, the investor can also tailor the portfolio to their needs. Nutmeg have won numerous awards for their innovation, on top of this they recently earned a $32 million investment to expand their service offerings in to online pensions. The investment was one of the largest for a London business in 2014.


CTR increase of 145%

CPC reduction of 58%

Conversions increased by 215%

CPA drop of 88%

Increased search impression share by 20%

Saved £40,000+ in wasted ad spend


Kurve were set the objective to build and scale the current adwords account. The account had previously been managed by an agency before being taken back in-house. Nutmeg needed further expertise to manage the account which had reached its peak from inhouse management.



Kurves employed a long tail keyword strategy. The account had an alarmingly high CPA which needed to be reduced to meet targets. We paused any high spend keywords and focused on longer more relevant keywords. This required a long process of keyword research, granular keyword grouping and lots of new creative that amplified and supported Nutmegs offline efforts.