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Kurve generated 58 SQLs in less than 6 months through highly targeted and personalised cold outreach campaigns


Veremark is a SaaS platform that delivers scalable, automated candidate background checks for employers. It is a powerful screening solution that benefits both employer and candidate. Using the platform not only gives companies confidence when hiring but also reduces their risk, while candidates themselves can enjoy a blockchain based career passport once requested checks are completed, making the whole process plain sailing the rest of the way.

Founded in London in 2018 by an experienced team of tech leaders from the UK, it boasts partnerships with recruitment giants including LinkedIn Talent Hub, Bullhorn and greenhouse, and serves mainly companies in the financial services and management consultancy sectors.

Results achieved

Kurve’s campaigns generated the company’s 5th biggest client to date

Sales qualified leads (SQL’s) generated = 58 (and counting)

Top-performing campaigns exceeded a 24% reply rate


Veremark’s previous campaigns were fairly effective but needed improved targeting based on more in depth account research.


We began by adding more detail to the company’s existing ideal customer profile and buyer personas. More detail on which companies were using specific applicant tracking systems (ATSs) that Veremark had integrations with was needed as well as which companies were hiring more. This then allowed a prioritised account list to be created which laid the foundations for all subsequent cold campaigns.

Companies using an ATS that Veremark had an integration with were easier to sell too as the offering could slot nicely into their existing process. Further to this companies hiring more had greater pain and a greater need for a better candidate background screening solution. Identifying these accounts was crucial in improving overall campaign performance.

“We were already running multiple cold outreach campaigns but Tom was able to accelerate improvements in the volume of outreach, quality of data and level of personalisation to each campaign – all of which generated noticeable improvements. I would highly recommend working with Kurve if you’re looking to generate sales qualified leads for a SaaS platform.”

Daniel Callaghan, CEO of Veremark

Daniel Callaghan CEO of Veremark