Skip to content Overal SEO case study is a non-profit start-up concentrating its effort on keeping children safe online. On’s website, parents can ask questions about the technologies their children are using, reply to others, and get great advice from like minded parents and’s own knowledgeable experts. was a Kurve client for more than a year.


By focusing on high quality link building and using non-branded keywords responsibly with caution and care, Kurve were able to build many unique referring root domains; including some “.gov” links. Our analysis showed the following:

67.7% Improvement in bounce rate

598% Increase in traffic between

173.5% Increase in organic traffic

287% Increase in organic signups


The ultimate goal for the company was to build an active and engaged community on the site; which will share their knowledge, experience, advice and concerns. Kurves aim was to attract more traffic, increase the number of sign ups on site, and decrease the bounce rate. To achieve that, it was crucial to improve the site’s ranking in Google search for non-branded keywords, and improve the user journey on site.



  • Kurve’s team analysed the website and prepared an on-page report for By implementing the recommendations mentioned in the report, Kurve optimized the site for Google searches as well as improving the user experience.
  • Next Kurve concentrated on creating interactive and engaging content on site, targeted to multiple buyer personas.
  • A link clean-up process was conducted on site, and toxic links were removed.
  • Finally, Kurve began the ongoing process of high quality link building.

Kurve’s content increased average session duration by 8.76% is a non-profit start-up concentrating its efforts on keeping children safe online. In an attempt to protect children from cyber-bullying, created an online community for parents and teachers, involving them in conversation with others in order to share experience and advice. At the same time wanted to position themselves as a knowledgeble expert. To faciliate this process, came to Kurve for advice and support.


This approach proved to be successful. In September and October we outreached 1600 relevant sites, achieving the following results:

3rd position in Google ranking for “cyberbullying guide” keyword

The cyber-bullying guide acquired links from top “.gov” sites

Average session duration for visitors who landed on the cyber-bullying guide was 8.76% higher than the average session duration on site

Average page session for the cyber-bullying guide was 25.18% higher than the average page sessions on site


Kurve’s goal was to increase engagement on site and to attract a wider range of visitors. To achieve this, we created an engaging piece of content that would capitalise on popular news stories and events. The content aimed to get broad coverage across online media, and at the same time, position as an expert within their field.



  • Kurve decided to create a cyber-bullying guide for, that would reveal some astonishing data. For example 90% of polled teenagers ignore cyberbullying on social media when they’ve seen it.
  • Working with relevant and high quality domains, Kurve’s team began building strong links pointing to the website. Kurve focused on using “cyber bullying guide” as an anchor text.
  • As cyber-bullying became an important topic that was covered by mainstream news publications, Kurve outreached governmental sites with a DA of 90+.