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Mobile App User Acquisition: Drive Users to Your App

Boosting your app's success is our mission at Kurve. Through targeted campaigns and precise analytics, we enhance user engagement and acquisition. It's a journey to growth, and we're your guide.


Clients I work with

  • BT
  • Lenovo
  • Canon
  • Investec
  • HomeServe
  • accurx
  • lansweeper
  • huggg
  • WhoCanFixMyCar
  • Coconut.
  • Lick
  • sweatcoin
  • treecard
  • WeGift
  • barbri global
  • Peakon
  • Fat Llama
  • fing
  • Lifecake
  • Funding Circle
  • Super Carers
  • Mori
  • nutmeg
  • DAD
Cut Through the App Store Clutter-1

Cut Through theApp Store Clutter

App stores are brimming with over 3.5 million applications, each vying for user attention. That’s where Kurve crafts unique strategies to make your app not just another icon but a standout presence. Our targeted marketing and exceptional understanding of user behavior enable your app to rise above the clutter.

Case study
Kurve's TikTok SparkAds Skyrocket Treecard's User Growth by 150%

Kurve leveraged TikTok SparkAds to drive a 1,027% increase in Treecard app installs and reduce...

Case study
Kurve powers Sweatcoin's 10x growth

Kurve played an instrumental role in making Sweatcoin the fastest-growing health and fitness app in...

Case study
BackThen goes from 600,000 to 3 million Users in 12 Months with Kurve

BackThen partnered with Kurve to overcome a plateau and skyrocket their user base from 600,000 to...

Ditch the Download Draught-1

Ditch the Download Draught

There are many hurdles and challenges to gaining app downloads: intense competition, target audience misalignment, and ineffective marketing. Kurve tackles these obstacles as we refine visibility, align your app with the right audience, and utilize effective marketing strategies. The result? Optimized conversion rates and a significant boost in downloads.

10x Your App User Base-1

10x Your App User Base

The right message is a magnet, drawing users towards your app. It's about resonating with their needs, sparking interest, and evoking curiosity. At Kurve, we're masters of this art. We understand the essence of your app and the target audience to craft engaging narratives that speak to them. Through A/B testing, we analyze and test to find the message that hits the mark.

Maximized Visibility

Maximized Visibility

Rise above the clutter

Optimized Conversions

Optimized Conversions

Transform clicks into clients

Engagement Mastery

Engagement Mastery

Connect, captivate, convert

ROI Focused Strategies

ROI Focused Strategies

Invest smart and gain more

Step 1: 
 Data-Driven Targeting
At Kurve, we understand that hitting the right target is key. Precision requires data; we identify the right user segments for your app through meticulous data analysis. We use the numbers to craft campaigns that reach the right people, optimizing user acquisition from the get-go.

Step 2:
App Store Optimization (ASO)
App Store Optimization improves your app's visibility in the store. Kurve's method involves comprehensive keyword research and optimization to ensure your app appears where it matters most. This process enhances organic user acquisition by turning searches into downloads.

Step 3:
Diverse Ad Campaigns
Various ad platforms are available to target your audience. Kurve creates engaging ad campaigns across these platforms using captivating creatives. A/B testing refines ad placements to ensure they reach the audience effectively and convert interest into action.

Step 4:
Retargeting Strategies
Retargeting is crucial for re-engaging users who've shown interest. Kurve implements retargeting campaigns effectively, using personalized content to entice users to return. It's a continuous loop that keeps interest alive, fosters loyalty, and increases user numbers.

Cem Eyi

Cem Eyi

Co-Founder, Beanstalk

Working with Kurve on TikTok influencer outreach has been great. We are targeting the “mumtok” sphere to introduce Beanstalk – our award winning Junior ISA app. Kurve’s outreach strategy, onboarding of talent and managing of paid media were all instrumental in helping make the channel successful for us.

Bogdana Orzu

Bogdana Orzu

Growth Campaign Manager, Sweatcoin

The testing and scaling we did with Kurve really validated our channels, and we’re really looking forward to accelerating this going forward.

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox

Co-founder & CEO, Treecard

Results have been astonishing, and orders of magnitude better than other agencies we’ve worked with.

Francesco Cardoletti

Francesco Cardoletti

Co-founder/CEO PawSquad

Oren and the team at Kurve were vital in providing a digital strategy that got us excellent results within our budget and within impressive timeframes. His experience and insight were matched by his enthusiasm and dedication to helping us grow, as he consistently went above and beyond to provide valuable support. It has always been a pleasure to work with Oren, as his responsiveness and creative approach mean that he genuinely strives for excellence. I'd recommend Oren for all matters related to digital marketing when looking for a provider with integrity and honesty.

Bryn Morgan

Bryn Morgan

CEO of ENGIN Mobile

Oren and his team were critical in getting several new brands up and running in the digital world. His responsiveness, insight and expertise ensured very tight deadlines were met and profitable, cost-effective new business resulted shortly thereafter! He provide invaluable optimisation and market growth support throughout our relationship. This was backed up with data and profit-driven analysis - almost in real-time.

James McQuarrie

James McQuarrie

Head of Product @ Cookpad & Co-Founder @

Oren worked with us at DAD to help establish our search marketing and user acquisition strategies. His insight and experience took what we were doing before his arrival to a whole new level. His test and learn approach fits nicely into an agile / lean workflow and brings a scientific rigour to what can easily otherwise become a spray and pray activity. I learnt a lot working with Oren and would be very happy to do so again in the future.

Lior Eldan

Lior Eldan

Co-Founder & COO at Moburst - Mobile done right

Oren is passionate about what he does. So passionate, that he engages anyone who works with him to be as passionate as he is. Oren is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and SEO in particular. Combined with his far vision and entrepreneurship, Oren is a manager that inspires and brings the most out of his people. Most importantly, Oren is a cool guy and fun to work with. I would be happy to work with Oren in the future.

George Taylor

George Taylor

Digital growth marketer

I worked with Oren at DAD where he brought a huge amount of valuable experience and strategic input into the business at a crucial stage of the company's life. I valued his pragmatic viewpoint and benefitted a great deal in his approach to digital marketing. Highly skilled yet adaptable to work within the technical limitations of a young business, he massively spearheaded our search marketing efforts and generously imparted his years of knowledge across the team.

Paul Donoughue

Paul Donoughue

Senior Marketing Manager at ENGIN Mobile

Standing aside, ahead and above the run-of-the-mill, rest of the pack digital agency leaders, Oren is a remarkably insightful and client focussed individual who has translated these traits into his vision for a full-service digital agency. Oren doesn't do Set Menus. I would always be more than happy to recommend Oren.


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Frequently Asked Questions

App user acquisition is the process of attracting and gaining new users for a mobile application. It involves various marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and optimization techniques to increase the app's visibility and drive downloads.

Apps acquire customers through marketing strategies such as targeted advertising, App Store Optimization (ASO), social media promotion, influencer marketing, and partnerships. By utilizing these methods, apps can reach their target audience and convert interest into downloads.

Apps track users through analytics tools and tracking software. Developers can monitor user behavior, preferences, and interactions within the app to gain insights into how the app is used. This data helps refine the user experience and personalize content for better engagement.

User acquisition cost (UAC) refers to the average amount spent to gain a new user for a mobile app. The cost can vary widely depending on the industry, target audience, and marketing channels. It includes expenses related to advertising, marketing campaigns, and other promotional efforts.

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