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B2B Lead Generation

Accelerate pipeline growth with modern AI driven lead gen.

B2B Lead Generation | Kurve

Clients we work with

  • BT
  • Lenovo
  • Canon
  • Investec
  • HomeServe
  • accurx
  • lansweeper
  • huggg
  • WhoCanFixMyCar
  • Coconut.
  • Lick
  • sweatcoin
  • treecard
  • WeGift
  • barbri global
  • Peakon
  • Fat Llama
  • fing
  • Lifecake
  • Funding Circle
  • Super Carers
  • Mori
  • nutmeg
  • DAD
Valuable advice for sustainable growth

Our innovative, adaptable approach to building your lead gen pipeline and generating revenue

Cold email? Or LinkedIn? As the platforms evolve, so do the strategies. Combining Account-based Marketing principles and our prospect-centric approach, we leverage deep account research, automation, AI and creative testing to drive measurable value to your business.

Case study
How Treecard grew their user base by >150% month on month by leveraging TikTok SparkAds

Treecard approached Kurve with the objective of growing their presence in the US market.

Case study
Google App Campaigns, paid social, and TikTok

Ultimately, business growth comes from product traction, market appeal, and further growth...

Case study
Kurve increased monthly leads by 56% and decreased CPA by 41%

WeGift is a Series A funded, UK-based fintech startup building the core infrastructure for the...

ICON- Transparent Reporting


Accelerate your growth with scientific Ideal customer profiling, buyer persona research, enriched and prioritised target account list creation.

ICON- SEO Synergized

Strategy & Formulation

Automation tools and sales-customised, interactive testing for quicker results.

ROI Focused Strategies


New and weekly campaign optimisation based on ongoing results, and bi-weekly or monthly reporting.

ICON- Transparent Reporting

People centric

Truly effective lead generation does more than help a business engage with a wider audience — it helps build rapport. This requires understanding, effective storytelling, and personalisation. Our approach prioritises getting to know you and your clients to achieve meaningfully targeted results.

ICON- SEO Synergized

GDPR compliant

Following GDPR and PECR guidelines, all of our outreach campaigns are directed only at the companies and individuals that will find the content useful and relevant to their jobs. Our expertise also lies in creating content that is both compelling and clear, as required under GDPR and PECR.

ROI Focused Strategies


To bring you the efficiency you’re looking for, we aim to supplement you and your team through active collaboration. This means aligning our skillsets to your needs, fostering open and clear communication, and even extends to working with your tech stack or using ours to support you.

Typical lead gen vendor

They ask you, typically riddled with assumptions

Bulk pull targets from lists 

Bulk pull targets from lists

Bulk pull targets from lists

Adjust existing templates

Bulk send 100 messages a day

Generate 0.01% conversion to call/demo


Research Ideal Customer Profile & persona

Curate 100% relevant contacts

Develop messaging strategy

Generate AI personalised messages

Manually review each message

Send 25 personalised actions a day

Generate 2% conversion to call/demo

“It was a pleasure working with Oren and Michael during last year. The bar was set high right from the outset but they managed to jump over it in a very short time. Their dedication, support and hard work were critical to Peakon’s growth and I really value the relationship I developed with them.”

Yaniv Mazor

VP of Growth @ Peakon

Yaniv Mazor

Raise brand awarenes

Educate your audience about your brand, promote your service or product, and differentiate yourself from competitors.


Increased ROI

Targeted engagement allows you to identify and connect with a qualified audience at a granular level and along more of their customer journey.


Iterative, scalable, fast and cost effective

Run multiple tests quickly allowing you to validate, optimise and iterate for maximum return on investment.

Pie chart

Increased opportunities

Leverage lead generation campaigns to not just help acquire new customers but to build relationships and gain referrals to new and unexplored markets.

What we do

Campaign management and reporting

Image, video and copy curation

Ad copy A/B testing

Managed brand and generic lead gen

Strategic input and advice

In-house support

Support for in-house teams

We can support your existing in-house team or provide interim paid management while you scale.

Go Beyond Vanity Metrics-2

Increased monthly leads by 56% and decreased CPA by 41%

Peakon automatically collects employee feedback through automated surveys, analyses it and delivers clients back the insights they need to improve their business.

Kurve were set the objective to optimise and scale Peakon´s Paid Search Accounts (Adwords & Bing). The account had previously been managed in-house when they sought expert insight and day-to-day management.

By analysing the lead pipeline, we were able to focus on keywords that improved the conversion rates down the funnel.

N-gram analysis was used to extract the highest converting words within keywords and the account was restructured to reflect those findings.

The above, combined with continuous optimisation on ad copy, keywords and negative keywords helped achieve a substantial improvement that grew Paid Search into Peakon´s main acquisition channel.

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