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If you have ever travelled with friends, you know group travel can be notoriously difficult to arrange. As each new person joins a trip, the complexity of planning increases exponentially — everything from picking a date that works for everyone, to figuring out who has actually confirmed and who hasn’t to finalise your bookings becomes more difficult. 

That is where Packed comes into it.

Packed is an ingeniously practical app that allows everyone in a group to coordinate, organise, and book through a shared channel. To borrow a phrase from the software development industry, Packed provides a “single source of truth” that simplifies group travel.

But it doesn’t end there. Packed offers full-service travel planning that includes live professional consultation on Facebook and WhatsApp, support for separate payments for each traveller, and even the ability to book private activities or extras away from the group for those individuals with special interests or requirements.

Results achieved

30% increase in Click Through Rate

Reduced 50% CPA in 1 month


Despite their travel expertise, Packed weren’t experts in PPC or social media advertising. Over time, their existing paid search and social strategies had increased in cost and decreased in returns and engagement. With the pandemic affecting their bottom line, Packed needed to get the budget back under control and start seeing returns on their investment.



Kurve began with an account audit account that identified three issues to restructure to optimise the performance of the Packed campaign.  

Step one was isolating audiences and setting up dynamic retargeting ads. The goal was to automate the targeting of returning visitors, service line page visitors, and the audiences of other websites in an always-on re-engagement campaign.

The next step? Establish a budget and bid strategy allowing Packed to segment their account by both location and keyword in addition to key service lines. At the same time, Kurve targeted higher-performing locations, but with lower-cost keywords.

Finally, Kurve optimised Packed’s messaging. The changes made allowed the company to engage prospects more effectively along the full funnel — at the top of the funnel, Kurve implemented broader, more generic keywords. Towards the bottom, the focus shifted to capturing more meaningful intent with targeted, niche terms.

Kurve’s restructured strategy resulted in over 500 dynamic campaigns over 30 days, with each campaign managed using targeted messaging to optimise conversion rates and quality score.

The payoff was immediate. Within the first month Packed had reduced their average cost per acquisition by over 50 per cent while increasing conversions by a full third.

“I was impressed with how detailed, thorough and well structured the keyword research and campaign development was in Google ads. We halved the CPA as a group travel startup amidst a pandemic which was quite something. Similarly, the structuring and reporting in Facebook ads were professional and clear. I’m very happy to recommend and continue working with the Kurve team.”

Jasper Cox, Co-Founder @ Packed

Jasper Cox Co-Founder @ Packed