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SeedLegals increase revenue by 100%


SeedLegals helps founders, entrepreneurs, and startups get their paperwork in order. Whether they are establishing their companies or pursuing growth, SeedLegals provides all the turnkey assistance new ventures need to create, negotiate and, finally, sign the legal agreements required to complete the funding process. Most importantly, they do it more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm.

With over 15,000 companies assisted, and £300m in funding secured, SeedLegals has a proven track record of helping companies start-up, raise funds, and grow their businesses while avoiding unnecessary legal expenses along the way. 

The trick was getting the word out to new ventures that they had better options. 

Results achieved

– 50% CPA

+approx. 100% Revenue


Like any business, SeedLegals was looking for a way to optimize the revenue generated by their PPC campaigns while minimizing their spending. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a clear picture of where exactly their revenue from advertising was coming from or the expertise necessary to pinpoint the source.



To get the campaign on track, Kurve implemented a tried and true three-tiered approach — Research, Strategy and Analysis.

In the research phase, the Kurve account audit identified SeedLegals’ two main audiences: returning and new. More importantly, the audit revealed that the cost of acquisition for the company’s returning audience was half that of new visitors.    

From here the strategy was clear – segment the account to target new and returning users with their own respective campaigns while assigning 100% of the budget to returning users.

As a result of remarketing, SeedLegals’ cost of acquisition halved while their number of qualified leads doubled. With the budget and conversion rates unchanged, the revenue increase reached 100%.

Kurve has been a real asset to our PPC strategy optimisation. We managed to hit our lead generation objectives while keeping a low CPA. Shaian was always responsive and proactive in sharing new ideas and strategies.

Tom Shaw, Head of Growth @ SeedLegals

Tom Shaw Head of Growth @ SeedLegals