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Introducing DAD: A Complete Kurve Campaign


A newcomer to the DIY space, DAD empowers homeowners to help themselves across the gamut of home improvement issues by using live chat and video consultations with expert tradesmen.

When online consultations just aren’t enough, DAD connects homeowners with rigorously vetted professional technicians. Based on the video consultations, they arrive with a clear understanding of the problem, the skills required, and everything they need to get to work.

With a 60 per cent success rate in ensuring its customers avoid expensive call-out fees, DAD wanted to position itself as “the ultimate power tool” — bridging the knowledge gap and taking the uncertainty out of DIY.


Launching an unconventional and revolutionary service, DAD had several goals. First, to validate their value proposition and user experience. Next, to launch and optimise their keyword strategies in a highly competitive environment while maintaining a static budget.

Finding and onboarding customers via rapid landing page deployment and optimisation was a must, as was the ability to do a/b comparisons to determine what works best.

The next focus was to drive in-app conversions through live chat prompts and welcome email cycles without seeming spammy. Finally, DAD wanted to identify customers across social channels through keyword targeting and improve their CTA performance with targeted incentives.



With DAD’s objectives clearly defined, Kurve was there to guide them. Here are the strategies and the early baselines achieved:

Validating the Proposition

Getting started, Kurve instigated DAD’s trial-user recruitment outreach using incentives and plugins across social platforms and communities like Slack, Linkedin and Facebook, ultimately conducting focus groups and post-trial interviews to gather respondents’ feedback.


  • 245 users trialled

Increasing Traffic on a Static Adword Budget

Using best practice by automating bidding strategies and pausing non-performers, Kurve targeted effective keywords for exact bidding while improving key-word level ad copy to boost relevance, CTR and Quality Score (QS).

Kurve also increased DAD’s landing page performance using custom URLs and Dynamic Keyword Insertion. They optimised DAD’s hour of day/day of week keyword bidding to target peak hour conversion.


  • 4-5% increase in conversion performance
  • 15-20% cost-saving through reducing CPC and eliminating non-peak wastage
  • 8-10 Quality Score (QS)

The Right Tool for the Job — the Kurve Landing Page Platform

Moving beyond Adwords, the Kurve in-house technology team developed a bespoke landing page solution. With this multi-functional suite, DAD could rapidly deploy pre-tested code, conduct a/b tests with traffic weighting, and track conversions through Google Analytics and custom tagging.

With the Kurve platform in place, DAD was able to easily manage tags, heatmap, and build forms, as well as deploy 3rd-party integrations like Intercon and Twillo via JSON — all in a robust, flexible, and user-friendly environment across multiple marketing channels.


  • 300% increase in marketing-driven experiments
  • 15% increase in web conversion in under 2 months

Finding The Right Welcome

While downloading and registering the app was a step in the right direction, Kurve set out to improve the rate at which new users made that first call. The strategy here meant A/B testing DAD’s welcome emails to determine which was more effective, short or long-form templates. Even in early testing, the results were clear. Long-form emails better explaining the service had the edge.


  • 5.5% more effective at encouraging users to launch the app
  • 2.6 more effective at getting users to make their first call

The SMS vs Email Conundrum – Lead Form Capture Testing

Kurve addressed one of DAD’s key conversion pain-points — getting website prospects to download and use the app — by A/B testing the efficiency of the company’s activation channels. This meant identifying DAD’s completion rates for mobile versus email form capture, and in-app conversion rates between SMS and email activations.


  • 3.5% likelihood of SMS over email signup identified
  • 9% total increased activation rate over SMS (higher over mobile-based traffic)

Improving Engagement

With 85% of DAD user sessions showing a lack of conversions that they couldn’t attribute to a particular pain point, Kurve turned to a custom SDK to identify non-converting users and place them into segmented audience pools for proactive live chat follow up and automated reassurance emails.


  • 20% goal completion before campaign optimization

Better Service and Conversion Rates with Live Web Chat

Understanding users were intrigued by the service but hesitant to take the next steps, either to install the app or request service, Kurve decided to bridge the gap for DAD with live chat. This allowed visitors to specify their home repair issues, chat directly with a customer service rep or programmatically receive estimates based on their requirements.

The system enabled DAD to identify a new KPI and shift their business priorities, making “new conversations” a key focus.


  • 25% of live chats resulted in a call and booking
  • 1500+ conversions over specific home repair issues