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Elevating tech brands
into category leaders

Expert-led marketing for B2B & consumer tech companies.
Based in London.

Elevating brands into category leaders | Kurve

Clients we work with

  • BT
  • Lenovo
  • Canon
  • Investec
  • HomeServe
  • accurx
  • lansweeper
  • huggg
  • WhoCanFixMyCar
  • Coconut.
  • Lick
  • sweatcoin
  • treecard
  • WeGift
  • barbri global
  • Peakon
  • Fat Llama
  • fing
  • Lifecake
  • Funding Circle
  • Super Carers
  • Mori
  • nutmeg
  • DAD
Lead, don’t follow

Lead, don’t follow

Kurve’s scientific approach to creating scalable growth engines helps your company increase market share while positioning you as an industry leader.

We’ll walk the walk with you

We’ll walk the walk with you

Looking for a scalable & predictable growth engine? We'll work with you to build it. Supporting as a strategic consultancy & hands-on channel management.

We’ll help you get there

We’ll help you get there

We’ve helped a variety of top-tier startups and scaleups make an impact on their industry.

At Kurve, we learn everything we need to know about your company, audience, and brand. We then reach them as effectively & efficiently as possible on digital channels.

barbri global
Case study
How Kurve helped BARBRI become the preferred legal EdTech provider

No matter the niche, the sheer amount of education being moved online these days has made it harder...

Case study
Kurve generated 58 SQLs in less than 6 months through highly targeted and personalised cold outreach campaigns

Veremark is a SaaS platform that delivers scalable, automated candidate background checks for...

Wonga UK
Case study
540% boost in on-brand conversions are one of the most successful London startups, they were the first company to take loans...

Case study
Introducing DAD: A Complete Kurve Campaign

A newcomer to the DIY space, DAD empowers homeowners to help themselves across the gamut of home...

Case study
Kurve generated a 273% increase in conversions (Shopify App Installs) during the engagement

KITE is a London based technology company with a vision to delight customers with personalised...

Case study
Kurve increased monthly leads by 56% and decreased CPA by 41%

Peakon is a platform for measuring and improving employee engagement. Based on decades of...

Case study
Google App Campaigns, paid social, and TikTok

Ultimately, business growth comes from product traction, market appeal, and further growth...

Case study
Lick sees a 437% Return on Investment in 4 Months

Lick occupies a unique position in the online Home Improvement / DIY space. Focused on paints, wall...

Seed Legals
Case study
SeedLegals increase revenue by 100%

SeedLegals helps founders, entrepreneurs, and startups get their paperwork in order. Whether they...

Case study
Kurve reduced CPA by 88%

Nutmeg are the world’s first online investment manager. They target new investors who are offered...

Case study
Kurve created a penalty-proof strategy that achieved rankings across numerous keywords

MobiData was a new player to an extremely competitive industry. The search competition consisted of...

Case study
Kurve increased organic traffic by 121% are one of the most successful UK start ups in recent history, they were the first...

Case study
How Kurve Helped Coconut Stand Out as a Business, Connect with Customers and Position their Brand for Success

Launched in 2018, Coconut’s ultimate goal is to make self-employment easier than being employed....

Case study
Kurve increased app users from 600,000 to over 3 million in 12 months

BackThen is a private family photo and video journal app that allows people to store, organise, and...

Case study reduces Cost Per Acquisition by 50% in 1 month

If you have ever travelled with friends, you know group travel can be notoriously difficult to...

Case study
Kurve increased monthly leads by 56% and decreased CPA by 41%

WeGift is a Series A funded, UK-based fintech startup building the core infrastructure for the...

Case study Overal SEO case study is a non-profit start-up concentrating its effort on keeping children safe online. On...
Case study
Increased ROI of the paid search account by over 17%

My Builder is an online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradesmen. MyBuilder operate in a...

Building brand awareness through data-led marketing


Building brand awareness through data-led marketing

App marketing isn’t just about how many downloads you get. It’s also about the impact you make in your market.

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Growth Advisor

Sustainable growth

Growth Advisor

You put everything into your company. Don’t slow your success with costly blunders and random acts of marketing. Instead, boost your team by building a predictable growth engine. 

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Stand apart from your competition through a compelling messaging strategy


Stand apart from your competition through a compelling messaging strategy

Without a captivating story, it’s hard to convince customers to listen. Find out why positioning is essential to your business.

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Category leaders aren’t born.

They’re made. Contact us to learn how.