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In 2020, consumers showed a 30.2% increase in mobile app spending from 2019 to $111 billion. Using an analytical, data-driven approach to keyword, image, and audience research, we focus on increasing installs and optimising revenue-related events to help you crush your ROI.


“Oren and his team have been super helpful in supporting our digital marketing efforts. Ranging from programmatic to SEG and email marketing, they have provided both valuable strategic support as well as proven tactical hands with delivery.”

Ed Botterill

Co-founder @ Lifecake

Samuel Olsson

B2C Mobile Apps Partner


How we work


Growth strategy

Workshop and growth strategy to map out key objectives, timelines, and resources roadmap


Digital plumbing

Ensuring you have full attribution and ability to track and optimise for the highest LTV to CAC ratio.



Ongoing results and insights reporting, with an optimised presentation format for key stakeholders.


Apple Search Ads (ASA) and App Store Optimisation (ASO)

ASA and ASO require different approaches, but work hand-in-hand. Paid ads in ASA allows us to discover trends and opportunities for organic growth, while improved ASO enhances ad relevancy and conversion metrics. We use enhanced keyword research and optimisation techniques, bidding strategies, and data analysis to deliver a long-term competitive advantage and maximised ROI.


Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

UAC are automated install campaigns that connect your app with users across Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and Google Play. After identifying your audience and KPIs, we help create compelling visual assets and continuously optimise the performance of your campaign.


Facebook App ads

Facebook App ads allow you to find new users and retarget existing users across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. We optimise your ad spend and increase your ROI by identifying and targeting audiences that have already been proven to make key in-app purchases.

What we do


App launch support


Campaign management


Optimised event tracking


Optimised bid strategy


Keyword research and optimisation


Visual asset management


App remarketing strategy


A/B testing


Support for in-house teams

We can support your existing in-house team or provide interim paid management while you scale.



Our expert candidate screening and interview advice will help you find the right person for your team.

App marketing stories

eTransport provider app

498% increase in number of installs, 27% decrease in ad spend, for a whopping 1134% increase in ROI

Our client is Europe’s leading e-mobility provider. Their aim is to significantly reduce car traffic in cities by providing people with a wide range of electric vehicles. While it was already obvious to both the founders and their investors that they had a great product on their hands, they needed to see growth through lower acquisition costs and improve payment conversions.

As a first step, we wanted to build a complete picture of the client’s overall standing. This meant doing a deep dive into their keyword rankings, taking into consideration competitor datasets and the full intent behind each keyword. Keyword research is especially critical in uncovering focus words that have proven results for both ROI and install rates by geo location.

The strategic campaigns we created involved further data analysis and were then segmented by level of purchase intent. We A/B tested each of those segmented campaigns and used matching budgets to optimise Cost Per Install (CPI) and ROI. And once we launched the campaigns, we monitored and analysed their performance.

The results far exceeded anyone’s expectations, reaching a whopping 498% increase in installs, with an 87% decrease in acquisition costs. Overall, the client saw an incredible 1134% return on investment.

The iterative, structured nature of our approach led to deeper insights and uncovered greater opportunities allowing us to focus and capitalise on more revenue-related events.


+1134% ROI

(relative to ad spend)


From 600,000 to over 3 million users.

Lifecake is a photo journal app that helps parents organise and back up digital memories, and to then share those memories on phones, computers, and tablets. With their growth seemingly stalled at 600,000 users, their digital innovation team had a target to grow from there to 1 million users.

During our first audit, we uncovered that Lifecake were optimising for the wrong metric and had a worryingly high churn rate. Moreover, we found that registrations and uploads were extremely low, as were users invitations to friends and family. This was a critical discovery, as it spoke directly to the experience and the purpose of the app.

After gathering these insights, Kurve:

  • Set up more accurate metrics and applied some data science subscription models to quantify the type of user behaviour that led to user registration. This alone caused registrations to skyrocket from 10% to up to 95%.
  • Optimised the acquisition model to target this ideal customer.
  • Identified and set up key metrics 10 different channels to drive Lifecake’s growth.
  • Began producing cute baby video content. A few of the videos were explosive in terms of social media engagement and allowed us to remarket to people who had viewed and/or commented on the content and who met certain predefined criteria.

The results of the project far exceeded expectations, with the effects becoming visible within only three months. By the end, we had successfully increased Lifecake’s user base five fold, from 600,000 to 3 million. And highlighting that success is the decreased cost per user by 50%.


+500% users


– 50% CPA

Ready to increase your customer base and not your costs?