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540% boost in on-brand conversions are one of the most successful London startups, they were the first company to take loans online. operates in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in search marketing, with Google creating a unique payday loan algorithm to tackle spam and keyword manipulation in this sector. Over the last 4 years, Kurve has helped Wonga improve its estimated market share of monitored organic search traffic by an enormous 2,379% and has reduced blended CPA by 18%. Keeping these numbers impressive is a constant game, and Wonga came to us to keep ahead of the game by improving their on-brand conversions.

Results Achieved

#1 search ranking for a keyword with over 150k searches a month

On-brand conversions increased by 540%

47% increase in paid search conversions for non-brand keywords

7.9% reduction in CPA

Increased conversion rates by 17% over the first year of management


To increase conversions on brand and non-brand keywords in organic searches, and also reduce overall CPA.


Our first port of call was extensive backlink auditing to remove any nasty links potentially harming Wonga’s organic performance. We devised a large-scale outreach process, contacting as many webmasters as possible to remove spammy links. If there was no response, we arranged for Google to directly disavow them.

We then focussed on creating innovative, engaging, and unique content to help form strategic relationships with hundreds of eminent website owners around the world. These connections bolstered the Wonga brand online, building new links that provided a greater volume of superior quality votes of confidence for the brand.

We also optimised the Google ads paid campaigns with strategically selected keyword focus and fresh ad copy. We set up and experimented with campaigns spanning hundreds of thousands of keywords, including geo-targeted terms and specific loan-variations. With over 6,500 ad permutations and large-scale campaigns and ad-groups, managing this account required a specialist setup.

With these background optimization strategies in place, our final step was to address changes to the website itself, like integrating critical on-page changes to the site structure.

“Oren made a huge impact on our search function at Wonga, and did so very quickly. He brought a wealth of knowledge and a potent intellect to bear on a complex set of problems, with unsurprisingly positive results. Great guy – focused, smart and a creative thinker”

Ben Godfrey, Engineering Manager – Facebook

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