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Top 10 App Marketing Agencies in 2024

by Oren Greenberg on

Choosing the right app marketing agency is challenging.

The considerations seem endless. Should you value years of experience, team dynamics, specific expertise, or awards? The key is to find a team that understands your vision and has the skills to make your app noticeable in the overcrowded mobile app space.

This guide will lead you through the essential steps to select an agency that aligns with your needs. It's designed for individual developers and businesses, offering insights to help you make an intelligent partnership choice.

Our article on the latest app marketing trends is a must-read for further insights. It's packed with valuable information crucial for anyone looking to succeed in today's dynamic app market. 

Let's get started. 


diversity of mobile apps

What is an App Marketing Agency?

An app marketing agency is a specialized team dedicated to promoting mobile applications. 

Their goal is to expand an app's reach and connect it with a broader audience. They design and execute tailored marketing strategies to increase your app's visibility, attract users and boost engagement. 

At Kurve, we pride ourselves on crafting effective strategies tailored to the needs of different app niches. Understanding the unique marketing requirements of various app categories is our forte. This allows us to;

  • Develop plans that resonate with your target users
  • Boost your app's visibility
  • Find success in a market filled with diverse applications

A group of diverse professionals collaborating on a marketing strategy for a mobile application

Why Hire an App Marketing Agency?

Hiring an app marketing agency is a strategic decision. This is especially so when considering the scalability factor. Agencies bring a unique blend of resources and expertise, enabling them to manage marketing campaigns for apps of all sizes, from indie projects to large-scale enterprise applications.

This scalability means marketing strategies can evolve and expand as your app grows to match its new demands. An agency can amplify its reach for smaller apps, building up the campaign as it gains traction. For larger apps, they can deploy robust, wide-reaching strategies right from the start.

At Kurve, we excel in tailoring our services to each app's stage and scale. Whether launching a new app or scaling an existing one, our team is ready to support your journey to success.

Top 10 App Marketing Agencies in 2024

We've covered why partnering with an app marketing agency is crucial. Now, let's dive into our curated list of the top 10 app marketing agencies in 2024.

These agencies have demonstrated excellence in driving app growth and success. Whether you're a startup or an established company, this list will guide you to find the perfect agency to match your app's unique needs and aspirations.


Mobile app growth marketing - on the right is a phone showing a megaphone

At Kurve, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the app marketing industry. Our innovative strategies and proven track record have established us as a go-to partner for businesses seeking to enhance their app's presence and performance.

Our expertise spans diverse sectors, allowing us to deliver bespoke marketing solutions that cater to each client's unique requirements. We excel in fostering user retention and ensuring long-term success for your app.

Every app's journey is distinct, and our approach is always tailored to match. With Kurve, you're getting a marketing agency and partnering with a team committed to making your app a success story.

To see how we can make a difference for your app, dive into our Sweatcoin case study. For a deeper exploration of our services and to start your journey with Kurve, check out our mobile app marketing services.


Moburst landing page

Moburst has established itself as a powerhouse in-app marketing. It specializes in driving significant app growth and user acquisition. Their approach is rooted in data-driven strategies, ensuring creative and effective campaigns.

This expertise has made them one of the most sought-after digital agencies globally. Moburst has a rich history of working with over 600 products, ranging from innovative startups to Fortune 500 giants. Their no-nonsense, results-oriented approach shows their commitment to achieving and exceeding goals.

Moburst has garnered global recognition. It won the Most Effective Video Campaign at the Masterclassing Awards 2022 in the UK for its work on the Redefine Meat European Launch. It also won the Most Effective Mobile Campaign for Abide's full-funnel optimization.


PreApps landing page

Over the past 12 years, PreApps has distinguished itself in-app marketing, particularly in ASO. They've helped over 3,250 apps to reach millions of downloads, thanks to their innovative Skyrocket Download Program.

PreApps is skilled at maximizing app exposure and rankings through advanced ASO services. Their techniques boost app store conversations and rankings, positioning apps as category leaders.

Their approach extends beyond traditional marketing. It leverages strategic relationships to feature apps in top online review publications and generate high-profile media excitement. This multifaceted strategy has proven effective in driving app downloads and user engagement.

SEM Nexus

SEMNexus landing page

SEM Nexus is an award-winning agency combining search engine marketing with app marketing strategies. Specializing in serving startups, they assist in launching products and ensuring they reach customers.

Their unique approach integrates app development and marketing, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. SEM Nexus employs a data-driven marketing process, building a user base relevant to their client's niche. They extend their expertise to influencer and website marketing, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

While specific keyword optimization and paid advertising strategies need to be more detailed, their data-driven approach includes SEO best practices to maximize engagement. Paid advertising is a key component of their strategy, used to broaden audience reach and enhance app visibility.


Gummicube landing pageGummicube is renowned for its expertise in ASO and promoting organic app growth. Their approach to ASO involves enhancing keyword rankings and conversion rates, ultimately increasing organic downloads and reducing user acquisition costs.

Powered by proprietary technologies like DATACUBE and Splitcube, their ASO solutions drive app growth. Gummicube's approach includes;

  • Optimizing metadata for more organic impressions and downloads
  • Enhancing creative elements to boost user engagement and conversion rates
  • Using advanced strategies like A/B multivariate testing and user feedback through focus groups and surveys to refine app elements.

Additionally, Gummicube aligns organic and paid search strategies to enhance app performance and discoverability.

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile landing page

Yodel Mobile is an award-winning and leading app marketing agency. It excels in comprehensive mobile app marketing services, including exceptional ASO and multi-channel strategies. They're known for;

  • Effective paid user acquisition campaigns
  • Mobile app consultation
  • Creative services that help launch and scale apps

Yodel Mobile's expertise extends from app conceptualization to scaling across multiple territories. Their tailored approach covers strategy, consulting and management, ensuring all aspects of app marketing are meticulously handled.

Their many awards in ASO and best app marketing strategies highlight their proficiency. Yodel Mobile is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each app, whether launching new, re-launching, or aiming for global expansion.


REPLUG landing page

REPLUG stands out in the app marketing landscape with a specialized focus on enhancing app retention and user engagement on mobile devices. They employ innovative strategies to increase user LTV, utilizing tools like;

  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Personalized user experiences

Their approach includes comprehensive audits of app growth and engagement activities, tailoring their strategies to the unique needs of each app. This focus on customization allows for more effective and targeted user retention efforts.

By leveraging data-driven paid user acquisition techniques and ASO, REPLUG ensures a balanced approach to attracting and retaining app users. Their commitment to creating engaging user experiences makes them a valuable partner in the mobile app space.

App Guardians

App Guardians landing page

App Guardians, a mobile-first advertising agency, excels in driving app growth through a blend of data and creativity. While they offer a broad range of services, they shine in mobile app marketing. Their expertise includes;

  • Paid user acquisition
  • Apple search ads
  • Paid social
  • Google Ads
  • User-generated content
  • ASO
  • Retention and CRM
  • Subscription revenue optimization

The impact of App Guardians' approach is evident in their impressive results. They increased ROAS by 76% and 86% with Apple Search Ads, 328% growth in ARPU, and a 180% increase in app installs. Their success is backed by positive testimonials from prominent clients like Microsoft, Amwell, Keap, and ThinkUp, highlighting their strategic insights and effective results.

Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic landing page

Studio Mosaic, a mobile app marketing and consulting agency, excels in launching and promoting iOS and Android apps. Their comprehensive services include;

  • Marketing strategy
  • App audit
  • Monetization strategy
  • ASO
  • User acquisition
  • App analytics

Their focus on UI/UX audit indicates a commitment to user-centric design principles and seamless app navigation. This ensures mobile apps are optimally designed for market success, emphasizing UI/UX optimization for maximum organic visibility and conversion rates.

Studio Mosaic's impact is evident in its past achievements. They achieved an 11x growth in monthly revenue for iFax, an 8x increase in monthly downloads for Warrp, and attracted 100,000 organic users in the first three months for Rumble Debate.

V.O.X by Liberteenz, Inc

V.O.X by Liberteenz Inc. landing page

VOX by Liberteenz, Inc. brings an innovative approach to app marketing and user engagement. Their mission is to create a better society through powerful marketing strategies, changing how life-improving apps reach users.

Their unique strategy involves scientifically analyzing and systemizing a company's message to replicate successful results, showcasing an innovative approach to app marketing. Its app ad automation distribution service, VOX, is an industry-first with built-in ASO measures. Utilizing AI, VOX optimizes keywords to deliver the best answers and automates the marketing process, although it doesn't explicitly focus on voice-based technologies.

How to Choose an App Marketing Agency

Selecting the right app marketing agency is about aligning its strengths with your specific goals and needs. Consider critical factors like budget, target audience, and desired outcomes. 

This checklist will guide you in making an informed decision, ensuring your chosen mobile marketing agency can grow your app downloads.

How to Choose an App Marketing Agency

Define Goals and Budget

Setting some clear, specific goals is vital for app marketing. These goals are benchmarks to measure the performance of your chosen agency. Whether increasing user downloads, boosting engagement, or driving revenue, having well-defined goals will shape your marketing strategy and guide the agency's efforts.

Budget is also crucial. It dictates the scale and scope of your marketing activities. Balancing your financial constraints with marketing needs ensures you get the best value without overstretching resources.

For inspiration on setting practical goals, check out our blog on successful mobile marketing campaigns. These real-world cases can help you craft impactful objectives for your app's marketing journey.

Research and Shortlist Agencies

Researching and shortlisting the right mobile app marketing agencies is a crucial step. Focus on their reputation, industry experience, and client testimonials. An agency's track record speaks volumes about its capability and reliability. Look for agencies with a strong presence in your specific app niche and deliver results.

Client testimonials and case studies offer insights into an agency's performance and approach. Peer insights can also be invaluable in identifying agencies with a strong standing in the industry.

Our dedicated page on mobile app marketing is an excellent resource for a deeper understanding of app complexities and strategies. It provides valuable insights that can aid in your agency selection process.

Check Expertise and Specialization

When choosing an app marketing agency, scrutinize their expertise and specialization. 

Agencies with a proven track record in your app's niche or industry can offer targeted strategies and insights. Their experience in similar projects ensures they understand your app's unique challenges and opportunities.

Look for agencies adept at leveraging data for successful campaigns. Analytics play a crucial role in app marketing, informing decisions and measuring success. An agency's ability to analyze and interpret data can impact the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

Want to see how analytics power successful app campaigns? Explore our insights on mobile advertising analytics.

Review Portfolio and Case Studies

Reviewing an agency's portfolio and case studies is critical. These materials showcase their ability to tackle specific challenges and achieve tangible results. Look for case studies that resonate with your app marketing goals. They can provide a clear picture of the agency's approach and effectiveness in scenarios similar to your own.

Case studies also show the agency's problem-solving capabilities and creativity. They should show a proven track record in areas most relevant to your objectives, such as increasing app downloads or user engagement.

Explore our article on getting app downloads for further insights. It's an invaluable guide to understanding the practical steps an experienced agency might use to achieve one of the critical goals of in-app marketing.

Assess Communication and Transparency

Effective communication is key to a successful partnership between an agency and its client. Look for agencies that provide regular updates and transparent reporting and maintain open channels for feedback. Transparency ensures you're informed about your app's marketing progress and can make timely decisions.

It's also crucial that the agency understands and aligns with your vision. Their ability to communicate about strategies and results can impact the campaign's success.

For insights on how effective communication plays a crucial role in app promotion, read our article on app promotion.

Negotiate Terms and Contract

Negotiating terms and contracts with your chosen mobile app marketing agency beforehand is vital. Ensure the agreement aligns with your marketing goals and budget. It's important to have clarity on deliverables, timelines, and pricing structures. This will prevent misunderstandings and set clear expectations for both parties.

A well-defined contract provides a roadmap for your partnership. It helps measure the agency's performance against agreed milestones and objectives.

To gain confidence in an agency's deliverability, explore Kurve's case studies. These examples demonstrate successful collaborations and results, which can be a valuable reference during your negotiation phase.

Elevate Your App Marketing Strategy with Kurve

In this guide, we've detailed the essential steps to choosing the right app marketing agency. Each element is vital in finding a partner that aligns with your app's unique needs.

With Kurve, you get much more than an app marketing agency. You get a trusted partner who will work to understand your brand, evaluate your goals, and develop a tailored strategy optimized for results. Our comprehensive approach considers immediate needs and long-term success drivers, ensuring your app continues to thrive beyond the initial launch and promotion stages.

Looking to boost your app's success? Connect with Kurve. Visit our contact page to start a conversation about your app marketing needs. Let's work together to achieve your app's full potential.