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How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide (With Real Examples)

by Oren Greenberg on


“Regardless of what you think of all the dancing, lip-synching, trends, and silliness, TikTok is the biggest, most exciting social media platform out there right now.”

Gary Vela, Forbes

With over 1.6 billion users, TikTok is the epitome of a thriving social network. Its convergence of community, content and commerce is one of the many reasons it was voted one of TIME magazine’s "100 Most Influential Companies of 2023.’ 

But, such an enormous audience brings peak competition. Every business, brand and creator is vying for attention, and with good reason – 77% of users trust the brand and are 1.4x more likely to buy a product/brand they find on TikTok. How do you grab that attention? You go viral.  

Most brands fear creating content on TikTok because they think; 

  • TikTok is a GenZ app (most users are 18-24). 
  • Only the top accounts on TikTok get engagement.
  • TikTok is only for brand awareness and not sales.
  • There is no way for a business account to go viral (without jumping on cringe-worthy dancing trends)

This guide is going to prove those fears wrong. At Kurve, we helped Sweatcoin, a health and fitness app, grow from 40M to 80M downloads in 12 months with just TikTok. 

No matter your business, your content can go viral with these simple steps.

Table Of Contents:

Understanding the TikTok algorithm 

TikTok is the most used social media app, with an average of 95 minutes spent on the platform. For an app to achieve this number, its algorithm must keep users coming back for more of what they love. 

Unlike other social media platforms where a user’s content feed (called the ForYouPage or FYP on TikTok) revolves towards the accounts they have already chosen, on TikTok, a user sees content from a mixture of new and known content.

To be more transparent about the complex TikTok algorithm, TikTok has rolled out a new feature where you can see why a particular video was recommended to you.

TikTok now shows you why a particular video was recommended to you in your FYP! ✨ #tiktoknews #socialmedianews #tiktokfeature #fypexplained #greenscreen

♬ original sound - Later

Learn how TikTok recommends videos in your ForYouPage

The ForYouPage brings massive opportunities for creators. According to TikTok, users spend 96% of their time on the FYP. If you want to go viral on TikTok, it's crucial to understand how the platform recommends videos. 

A screenshot of a social media post from Ashley Rosario Wijangco talking about making it to gymnastics TikTok

The TikTok experience starts the same for everyone. You open a new account and find a collection of videos in your ForYou feed. Every second you scroll or rewatch a video on the app counts. It takes less than 3 minutes or until the 15th video for the algorithm to understand what a person is feeling and what videos should be recommended next.

There are multiple factors that contribute to how TikTok’s algorithm serves content to users. Let’s break them down.

  1. User interactions

How you interact with content on the app determines what new content will be recommended in your feed. Your actions on the platform give clues about the type of content users like or dislike. The factors that reflect user interactions are;

  • What content have you liked, shared or commented on,
  • Which accounts do you follow,
  • Videos you have added to your favorite or marked non-interested,
  • Content you create on your own,
  • Videos that you have completed and rewatched.
  1. Video information

Video information is for the algorithm to understand what category a video would fit into and to whom this should be recommended. The factors that can influence video information are;

  • Captions,
  • Hashtags,
  • Sound,
  • Reel poster,
  • Hashtags,
  • Similar accounts who like this video.
  1. Device and account settings

These are one-time settings that TikTok uses to optimize its performance. Since they aren’t considered active engagement, they don’t influence user interaction and video information much. Some of the device and technical account settings are;

  • Language preference,
  • Country setting,
  • Device type,
  • Categories of interest you select when you log in.

You’ll notice that we have not mentioned follower count. Popular creator videos may draw lots of attention, but their follower count isn’t the main reason their videos go viral. This is great news for brands who think they don’t have enough followers to be on a FYP. 

Creating a Winning Content Strategy

Currently, the “heaviest users” of social media are the users of TikTok. There are 4.8 billion internet users, and 20.83% use the platform. 

But that doesn’t mean everyone is your target audience. Before you think of going viral on TikTok, you must first analyze who you are targeting – only then can you create the right content for the right people.

 These are some questions you should have answers to;

  • What is the demographic of my audience? Are they millennials, GenZ or Baby Boomers? Are they male or female? What do they do? 
  • What is the most important message you want to convey to your audience?
  • What type of content would they prefer?
  • Do we want them to purchase, or do we want to better our brand’s perception so they will buy in the future?
  • How much time, effort and budget do you want to devote to TikTok?

Always keep your “why” and “whom” clear when creating your content on TikTok. Discuss with your team to ensure the content you produce aligns with your brand’s long-term and short-term goals.

Things about TikTok that you should know to create a winning content strategy

  1. TikTok is not a GenZ app. There are more millennials than GenZ users on TikTok. To be precise, 43% of TikTok users are millennials (25-44 YO), 42% GenZ (18-24 YO), and 15% of TikTok users are Gen X + Boomers (45+ YO).
  2. There are more females (53%) than males (43%) on TikTok. 
  3. 60% of TikTok users come to the platform to experience joy and positivity. 
  4. TikTok doesn’t favor content from well-known creators. Instead, it focuses on quality and relevancy. 
  5. The top three content styles enjoyed on TikTok are funny (60%), creative (45%), and relaxing (37%). 

Creating a Winning Content Strategy

  1. 63% of all videos with the highest click-through rate highlight their key message and product within the first 3 seconds. 
  2. 85% of GenZ users are likely to save posts with products. 

In addition to this, TikTok offers a robust video insight tool that gives you access to key data on your audience’s behavior. You can analyze this to maximize the potential of each video and create content that your audience loves. 

A screenshot of a graph from TikTok Trends dashboard

At Kurve, we used video insights for our client Treecard (a sustainable debit card company) to understand how and when Treecard’s users engaged with videos and what generated conversions (actions, images, sounds and words). This way, we can reduce cost per install and cost per action by over 64% for our client. 

"Results have been astonishing and orders of magnitude better than other agencies we’ve worked with."

Jamie Fox, Treecard Co-founder & CEO

Optimizing TikTok Profile for Maximum Reach

TikTok is more than a video platform; it’s becoming a search engine, especially among the GenZ audience. According to TechCrunch, 40% of young people turn to TikTok to look for answers instead of Google.

That's why you need to optimize your profile to ensure your content appears as the answer. You can have the best videos on the platform, but if your profile isn’t discoverable, there is simply no point.

Here’s how you can optimize your TikTok profile.

  1. Pick a simple name 

Create a username that’s easy to remember and much easier to search. If you are a brand, then it's apt that you keep your brand name as your username. If you are a creator specializing in a niche and building an audience to sell a service or product, then mentioning that in your username can be helpful. 

For example, Von is a life coach; her username mentions that. This is her first step to building credibility with your audience, and anytime they search for a life coach, Von’s profile will appear. 

A snapshot of Life Coach Von's social media profile, showcasing their focus on passion/purpose coaching, advocating for self-love, and providing life coaching tips.

  1. Profile pictures are first impressions 

Your TikTok profile picture should represent your personality, interests, and style while being eye-catching and easily recognizable. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a profile picture for your TikTok account:

  • The ideal TikTok profile picture size is 200*200 pixels, which looks sharp and clear on mobile devices. Keep your background clean and simple. 

A snapshot of Gabrielle, a makeup artist's social media profile, displaying their following, likes, and contact information, showcasing their popularity and engagement in the beauty community.

A social media profile snapshot focusing on DIY, Cricut crafts, and tips, showing follower count and engagement metrics.

Showcases the profile of a nail artist known as "NAILZ BY DEV" or "Your 90's Nail Bestie" on social media, highlighting their following, likes, and links to their art and merchandise.


  • A close-up photo of your face or a well-framed image of the subject (if not a personal photo) works best. 
  • Be authentic and genuine in your profile picture. It should represent who you are, whether your actual face or a symbol of personal meaning.
  • Using the same profile picture across different social media platforms helps build brand consistency and makes it easier for people to recognize you.

Don't be afraid to change your profile picture occasionally to see what resonates best with your audience. You can try different images and see which garners a more positive response.

  1. Have a catchy, relevant and optimized bio 

Your profile bio is your cover letter to convince anyone to follow your account. TikTok only allows 80 characters in your bio. There is no need to write a paragraph; a snappy phrase that describes you and your account performs well. 

An engaging social media profile snapshot for XXL Scrunchie & CO, showcasing their follower count and emphasizing their product offerings of handmade scrunchies.

A profile image for Alex Cattoni & The Copy Posse, offering hot copywriting and marketing tips.


Here are must-haves to include in your bio; 

  • Mention of what you do and why they should follow your account. 
  • Use key phrases that help Google discover your account. If you are a life coach, mention that in your bio. 
  • Don’t shy away from using CTAs like “join my course” or “preorder my book.” Make sure you add a working link to your CTAs. 
  • Add achievements to bring credibility. 

Remember, your bio should reflect you and what you're passionate about. Experiment with different ideas, and don't be afraid to let your creativity shine.

How to Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok’s algorithm closely tracks whether people are watching your video and for how long. The typical average span of a TikTok user is 0.9 seconds. This means you have less than a second to impress someone to keep watching.

If you can get people to keep watching your video for at least 15 seconds, you will likely get 30,000 eyes on it. Stretch this to 20 seconds, and you’ll likely go viral and reach thousands or even millions of views.

How to Go Viral on TikTok


Of course, other factors like comments, shares, and likes are considered, but TikTok values watch time completion more than anything.  

Creating viral content is not rocket science; instead, strategies can be followed to improve the potential virality of each piece of content a brand is making. At Kurve, we have followed these same strategies to help our clients get millions of views (over 100 million views, to be precise).

A snapshot of a social media post featuring a photo of a baby and some texts saying "planting free trees"

the interface of a parenting app, highlighting its popularity with over 24.4 million views.


Let’s get started. 

1. Go native

There is a saying on TikTok, “Fit-in to Stand-Out.” It means brands that create imperfect videos that make them look just like ordinary people tend to drive brand outcomes. It’s important to create natural, personality-first content that’s not about being perfect but has an attitude and authenticity.

The impact of transitioning from TV-style assets to TikTok Native Ads is significant. According to Kantar LinkAI analysis, TikTok ads outperformed digital and TV norms by 15–20% on multiple metrics, including Persuasion, Brand Relevance and Enjoyment. When viewers like the ads, the ads are more effective. 

Here are some native video ideas (with examples) you can try for your brand.


  • Show, don’t tell: The only reason why users keep coming back to TikTok is because it's entertaining. As creators, you can tell personal stories and fun facts that demonstrate what your product does and not bore the audience.

    You can take inspiration from these brands on how well they promote their product without being salesy. 

A screenshot of what looks lika a person watching a video about a clog remover powder


A snapshot of a social media post showing a woman pouring water over her face


A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman holding up two items a snippet of a comment saying "the original one you can just put a tiny bit and not have it heavy"



  • TikTok investigates:  A fun way to uncover truths and debunk myths that brings credibility between the creator and the audience. You can use it to enlighten your audience with correct information and build a stronger bond.

    See how these TikTok creators are doing it.


A snapshot of a social media post which features slicing of bread and some texts like "fun psychological game"


A random social media video with some texts saying "facts that can one day save your life"


An intriguing snippet sharing a historical fact about the first car ever owned in Malaysia, highlighted within a TikTok frame, aiming to educate viewers on unique historical tidbits.



  • Promoting existing fans:
When your product has existing fans that create content – use it. Their organic videos can easily be boosted into influential ads to promote genuine sponsorships.

See how these TikTok creators share their honest opinions of the brand and the product, building credibility of your product among their audience. 


A screenshot of a social media post shoting "3 ingredients Oreo balls"


A screenshot of a woman on social media showing make up products and some texts in the middle saying "maybelline superstay vinyl ink"


A screenshot of a social media post from a woman showing a package. Some text saying "I ordered from XXL scrunchies"


User Generated Content (UGC) is the most trustworthy content and can generate double-digit ROIs. Staged videos don’t usually do well on TikTok since 75% of the audience can spot when they are an advertisement. So, create other user content in the For You feed with the same format.

Note: Even though it’s not verified, users who use TikTok's video editor, CapCut ( ), have a higher propensity to go viral.

2. Hit them with the hook

Many of us see hundreds of TikTok each day, but how many are thumb-stopping? Only a few, right? That’s because they failed to grab our attention. Regardless of the content length – 15 sec, 60 sec or 3 minutes – the first 6 seconds are vital for engagement, impact and distribution.

Your content should be entertaining, humorous, or somehow educate the viewer. A hook gets you through the initial cut and helps your content reach more people. 

How to write a great hook (with examples)

  • Cut through the noise: Try breaking the pattern and do something your audience might not expect, or at least make it entertaining. 

A snapshot of a social media posts showcasing a woman supposedly "writing an email on the train"


a TikTok post emphasizing a "simple fact" that aims to surprise or educate viewers, possibly within an entertaining or informative context.


A snapshot of a social media posts with some texts saying "I'm done with TikTok"



  • Give people a reason to listen to you: Add social proof or numbers that tell you to know what you are talking about and why anyone should listen to your advice. 

A screenshot of a social media post showing a man and some text saying "how I made 1.7 million naira from TikTok (nigerian)"


A screenshot of a man on social media and some text in the middle saying "how I went from 28 followers to 107,000 followers in 6 weeks!!!"


A screenshot of a woman on social media portraying a "day in the life as a incoming Harvard freshman"



  • Make it actionable: Your hook should help your audience take action right at that moment. Be crisp and concise, and give the viewer what they are looking for. 

A screenshot of a social media post with some texts saying "top AI tools to 10x yourself"Source

A screenshot of a social media post of a guy showing some cards and some texts saying "How to play TRASH"


A snapshot of a social media post showing helpful tips about effective commnunication at work



A simple hook can help you generate millions of views and drive massive business results. You have to understand who you are targeting, what they are looking for and how you can make the first 3 seconds dramatic that makes them stay.  

3. Pull them by your story

Now that you have a good hook and people are watching for at least 3 seconds, how do you keep them from scrolling away?

Simple answer: a great story 

Scriptwriting is critical in keeping viewers hooked. Remember that every viewer is itching to scroll through the next video after every word. So, the story should play out in a way that captivates them.

Here are the top storytelling frameworks that best deliver a brand’s story.

  • Highlight your story’s conflict:

People don’t expect perfection. Instead, they want to see the journey behind your brand’s struggle. 

A great example is Farsali, a skincare brand owned by a young couple. Each TikTok video they produce is so captivating they receive over 500k - 1 million views. They start with a great hook (like they are doing in these reels), tell the brand's struggle, and convince people why their product is worth their money. 

A snapshot of a social media post with some texts saying "I'm done with my wife"


A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman and some text saying "my wife's happines has a price"


A screenshot of a social media post showing a man and some text above saying "7.5 million views selling 2 jars per minute"



  • Problem to solution:

Users want to know what problem your product solves. Show your audience what can happen when they use your product, and then reveal the problems you faced that got you into making this. Think of it as an adventure story, starting at the climax and then revisiting through flashbacks. 

Cotourcube has nailed this storytelling framework. They put the problem as a hook and then take the audience on a journey where they explain how their product is the only solution. Check out these reels for inspiration.  

A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman in a blue top rubbing some ice on her face


A screenshot of a woman on social media with some text at the bottom saying "are you still using ice cubes like this?"


a specific social media campaign or event, possibly showcasing products, influencer collaborations, or community engagement efforts.


  • Built into routine:

Show how easy it is for your brand to become a lifestyle. Tell your audience what goes behind the scenes through a “day in our life,” showcasing your product versatility. Keep experimenting with different environments to make your content engaging and entertaining. 

Take XXl Scrunchie, for instance; the account mostly focuses on creating behind-the-scenes content that keeps people hooked and wanting more. This technique has got them over 13 million views and works well in their favor. 

A screenshot of a social media post with some text saying "Pack a wholesale order with me for Studio PEC"


A screenshot of a social media post of sharing packaging mistakes so you don't make them too


A tiktok post showcasing scrunchies and some text that says "day in the life"



Spitting out a salesy TikTok video doesn’t resonate with people. Instead, tell what people might relate to and get inspired by highlighting your rocky journey of finding an idea, getting knocked down and then building your way to success. 

4. End with a strong CTA

A Call to Action (CTA) comes at the end of a video, urging someone to take action. This could be engaging with the content, following the creator, visiting a website, participating in a challenge, or any other desired interaction.



a digital marketing professional's social media profile, highlighting their expertise and engagement metrics, including followers and likes, along with hashtags for underrated websites, freebies, and inspiration.

A screenshot of a social media post with some content encouraging users to click on "@candicenikeia"

Clear, crisp CTAs are persuasive and tell the user exactly what they need to do next. According to TikTok, videos with CTA show a +45% boost in recall and a +19% uplift in likeability. 

Here are some great CTAs that you can use for your TikTok video;

  • Want this for your own business? Click here for more.
  • Click here to learn how to do it.
  • I’ll be back with another part; make sure to follow.
  • Sign up and save!
  • Want to learn more? Go to my bio and sign up to claim your gift.
  • I usually charge $x for my resources, but I’m giving it for free today. Comment, share and follow to get access. 
  • Tag someone who needs to see this.
  • Save this post for later!

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add a CTA in your videos. Featuring CTA in the opening frame (first 2 seconds) can improve your conversion rate by 44%. You can experiment with what CTA style works for your product and bring the highest interaction. 

5. Make some noise

TikTok is a sound-on experience, with 93% of TikTok users spending time on the platform with the sound on. As a result, TikTok was the only platform where ads with sound drove significant lifts in purchase internet and brand favorability. 

The biggest takeaway for brands using sounds on TikTok is to beware of copyright infringement. Brands can license music, create original sounds, use stock audio or repost user-generated content. 

How to find trending TikTok music?

There are four ways to find trending music on TikTok;

  • Use TikTok’s search function: Open TikTok and search for “viral sounds” or similar keywords, and you will see a list of trending sounds you can choose from. 

A screenshot of trending sounds to use to go viral 2022 with a series of different thumbnails from various people

A comprehensive guide or suggestions for sounds to use on TikTok to potentially go viral, including user interaction and engagement statistics.


  • Scroll your for you page: Trending music on TikTok has an arrow beside the sound name. Simply click on it, and you will find a list of trending music. 

Easily find trending audio for reels w/ this instagram update 2 other ways to find trending audio: -Go to professional dashboard, scroll down to reels trends, and theres another list. It isnt as recent but they’re still trending. -When uploading a reel, if you go to the music tab there’ll be a “for you” list with tons of trending audio curated based on how you use the app. If youre read this, thank you! Save this for later 😊 #currenttrendingsound #trendingsoundsforreels #trendingaudios2023 #youlikemyvoicetrend #socialmediamarketing #freelancesocialmediamanagement #freelancesocialmediamanager #socialmediacontent

♬ Popular - Music from the HBO Original Series - The Weeknd & Madonna
  • Use TikTok’s Creative Center: TikTok’s Creative Center allows you to view the most popular sounds on the app and even filter by region. 

A screenshot of the TikTok Creative Center highlighting the items in the "Trends" tab

These trending sounds follow a specific format. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, try to copy them for what went viral, but add your own unique twist with storytelling. 

Create your own sound

If you use your own original audio and your video gets traction, there's a high possibility many creators will use it for their TikTok. This can bring a lot of views and popularity to your brand. 

Check out Zach Choi's profile; each of its videos gets millions of videos, and thousands of TikTok users use his sound. 

A screenshot of a Tiktok social media of 'TheZachChoi' showing a million followers and a million views

You can also do voiceovers by dropping extra recorded audio on top of the video’s original sounds. Here, you can describe the action in the video to voice an opinion or simply jump on a TikTok trend. 

A screenshot of a series of TikTok posts created by what looks like an influencer

Check out Haleyybaylee’s profile on TikTok. She does excellent voiceovers and comic ads on original audio. 

6. Use fast transitions 

TikTok transitions are like special effects in a video. To create this, you flawlessly merge two or more separate videos into one creation. It might seem hard to pull off for a beginner, but once you get the hang of it, you can experiment and create your own magic. 

Transitions have a high engagement rate since they aim to reveal something new. When creating them, make sure the difference is visible and the video syncs with the music or what the person is saying. 

A photo of some random guy on social media swimming in the pool


A screenshot of a social media post showing a girl who looks like she got dermatology session


A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman in red holding a red umbrella


Your transition should have an element of surprise that hooks your audience to watch until the end. This can be a personality change, makeup challenge or portraying different situations. Check out these videos for inspiration. 

7. Use text pop-ups

Text pop-ups provide a physical video description or encourage users to take specific actions. Not only does adding text to your videos make them interesting for everyone – it can also be used as a powerful storytelling tool that takes your TikTok videos to the next level. 

Here's why you should add text pop-us to your TikTok videos:

  • Accessibility

Even though most users love to watch their TikTok videos sound on, there are still times that might stop a user from doing that. Text pops make consuming content accessible for everyone, especially for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing (HoH). 

A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman from atlanta news and some text like "Georgia man tries to sell a 16-year-old on the darkweb"


A screenshot of a social media post showing a woman eating and some text saying "my new diet plan (heaalth!!)


A screenshot from a video of a guy and some texts that say "how much"



  • Tell complex narratives easily through texts

TikTok is a short video platform, yet people try to share complex narratives in a limited time. Using the duration feature, you can add texts on different time stamps in your videos to make your audience understand better. 

A screenshot of a social media post showing a blue baloon on top of a burger. There are some texts showing "then the helium balloon will explode"l


a vibrant display of social media content, possibly involving a variety of themes or topics, intended to engage a broad audience.


A screenshot of a social media post showing a bowl and a comment saying "no bc this made my feet soft as hell"



  • Use texts to build suspense 

You will have come across a TikTok, where the entire video was spent building that suspense, only to end on the text box saying Follow for Part 2. This way, TikTok creators encourage users to visit their page to find the next part while increasing the likelihood of getting new followers. Such videos usually have high engagement and are most popular on the ForYouPage.

A screenshot of a random social media post stating "follow for part 2"


A graphic interface suggesting tools or features for finding related content, likely part of a social media or content discovery platform, emphasizing user engagement and content curation.


A social media post designed to engage social media users, possibly through interactive content, questions, or calls to action, encouraging viewer participation and sharing.



To use text-pops on TikTok, record or select your video, tap the "T" icon to add text, type your message, choose fonts/colors, adjust size/position, and set duration/animations. Ensure text is clear, relevant, and not overused. Save your video and see if the text follows the video and audio content well. 

8. Capitalize on trends 

When starting on TikTok, trends are the best way to gain interaction. While there is no harm in creating original content, TikTok trends save you time and increase your chances of making it to the FYP.

Trends are natural hooks that should be capitalized, and 77% of TikTok users like it when brands use trends, memes, or challenges on TikTok to make new content. 


A screenshot of a social media trend about "#aurorarunaway"

A screenshot of the social media profile of 'money trees' showcasing a series of thumbnails and 11.1M videos

content related to social media trends, showcasing elements such as hashtags, views count, and comments, indicative of engagement and popularity.


There are a few methods to access trends;

  • You can find a trend by scrolling through the FYP, searching for hashtags, or engaging in the community. 
  • Then, use the trend according to brand/product relevance. 
  • Lastly, choose a narrative relevant to your brand and place your product accordingly.

There are three different types of trends you can focus on: audio trends (e.g., money trees), hashtag trends (e.g., #hesa10but) and effect trends (e.g., #aurorarunaway). The biggest part of finding the right trend for your business is awareness. You have to analyze the numbers of the content on the FYP to predict the next trend.

9. Shoot Vertical

Vertical videos are created with a vertical dimension of 9:16 aspect ratio, just like you hold your phone. Such videos are designed to maximize screen space and provide a better viewing experience to smartphone users. 

Here are a few reasons why you should shoot vertical videos:

  • Almost all (94%) of users hold their phones vertically, so it's safe to say that modern users prefer vertical videos and get a higher user experience. 
  • The social media platform is optimized for vertical videos. TikTok recommends vertical ads since they take the entire phone screen and gel well with videos on the feed. 
  • Vertical videos show a 91% lift in conversions because it feels more genuine. 
  • Research shows that vertical videos have a higher completion rate than horizontal videos. Snapchat told advisers that users were nine times more likely to finish a vertical video than a horizontal one. 

10. Shoot high resolution 

These tips would mean nothing if you don't shoot and upload high-resolution TikTok videos. As a creator, you want your videos to look the best and stand out from the platform. 

Look at these examples; you can see which video is high-resolution and which is not. 

A screenshot of a random post on social media

Blurry, grainy video

A screenshot of a social media post featuring a character from the movie "Avatar"

Super clear, crisp video


It's crucial to understand the preferred video resolution and format requirements for TikTok. Here are some tips you should keep in mind to produce high-resolution videos on TikTok:

  • Use the right resolution: TikTok allows videos to have a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels in height and 1920 pixels in width, maintaining a 9:16 aspect ratio. Your videos should adhere to these dimensions to ensure the optimal viewing experience.
  • Use the right format: TikTok accommodates various video formats, such as MP4, MOV, and HEVC (H.265). The preferred and commonly used format on TikTok is MP4 due to its balance between video quality and compact file size. MOV and HEVC are acceptable choices but tend to generate larger file sizes.
  • Use the correct bitrate: The bitrate of a video signifies the volume of data transmitted per second in a video. Greater bitrate equates to superior video quality. TikTok advises using a video bitrate ranging from 1-2 Mbps for MP4 and MOV formats, while HEVC files should ideally have a bitrate between 2-4 Mbps.
  • Use the best frame rate: Frame rate pertains to the number of individual frames displayed per second in a video. TikTok is compatible with frame rates ranging from 30 to 60 frames per second (fps). A higher frame rate enhances video playback smoothness but can lead to larger file sizes.

High-resolution TikTok videos can lift conversions by 312%. So, avoid uploading that blurry-grainy video that is hard to watch; instead, provide clear, high-quality clips to your audience. 

11. Utilize safe space

Nothing is more frustrating than creating an excellent video only to find that it is not under TikTok's safe zone, and your arranged element might not be visible while publishing. That's not a good sign. 

TikTok's "safe zone" typically refers to the recommended area within the video frame where you should place important content to ensure it remains visible on the platform. This is especially important because TikTok videos with various screen sizes and aspect ratios are displayed on mobile devices.

Here is TikTok's safe zone template for each aspect ratio so you know where to place your elements. 

A screenshot showing a 9:16 TikTok Safe Zone Template

A screenshot of a 16:9 Safe Zone template

A screenshot of a random social media post stating "follow for part 2"

These templates help ensure that these elements won't be cropped or obscured when the video is displayed on different devices or when TikTok adds its user interface elements (such as the like and comment buttons) to the video.

12. Harness the power of hashtags

If you thought hashtags don’t work today, then read this.

“It Ends with Us'' is a popular novel by Colleen Hoover that didn’t take off until it started gaining traction on TikTok. The hashtag #itendswithus has accumulated over 2.2B + views, and led to thousands of UGC videos. Before the hashtag, Colleen had sold 216k copies, but after it blew up, the author sold over 4 million copies. 

A compelling visual associated with the #itendswithus campaign, capturing viewer interest with 2.8 billion views.

TikTok hashtags help categorize content, which in turn helps people find it easily. You can find TikTok hashtags by searching your target keyword on the app, going through the popular hashtags they have used, or simply using TikTok’s Trend Discovery tool. It gives you numbers on hashtag popularity by number, region and industry.

A screenshot of some trending hashtags on TikTok Trends

Create your own branded hashtag

Branded hashtag challenges have incredible reach. The most successful branded hashtags have surpassed iconic TV moments and the most viewed YouTube advertisements. 

Create your own branded hashtag

You can capitalize on the branded hashtags to launch campaigns and drive engagement. Creators can use that hashtag to share product reviews, showcase unusual purchases, or go behind the scenes.

TikTok content related to product reviews and recommendations with a significant view count.

A snapshot highlighting makeup and beauty content, possibly featuring product reviews, tutorials, or user testimonials, aimed at engaging the beauty community.

the Charlotte Tilbury makeup campaign on social media, showcasing a staggering 3.8 billion views.

Research the best hashtag for your content to make the most of your hashtags on TikTok. Use a mix of popular and niched hashtags to target a wider audience and specific users interested in your content. Lastly, avoid using too many hashtags and 4-6 relevant hashtags per video.

13. Engage your audience 

Engagement rate measures the level of interaction and involvement that an audience has with a particular piece of content. It plays a crucial role in determining the viability of a TikTok video. The more people like, share, comment, and interact with your brand, the more likely your content will be found organically. 

According to Rival IQ, median brands earn an average engagement rate of 5.7% per follower and 4.15% per view. 

Engage your audience

High engagement rates typically indicate engaging, relevant, and valuable content to the target audience. If you are struggling to hook your audience, then these tips might save you: 

  • Reply to comments with video content: TikTok has this cool feature where you can reply to their comments through a video. It’s a fun way to surprise and make your audience feel seen. You can use this feature to personally respond to and interact with your followers through the video.

Want to reply to a comment with a video? Now you can! Available now for all users!

♬ original sound - TikTok
  • Leverage duet and stitch features: Stitch and duet are unique features that let you interact with your audience. The Stitch features let you add a part of someone else's video to yours. It helps users start conversations and engagements with others. 

Could be the new Khaby ?🤣🤣 👩🏿‍🦱 🤲🏾 Potrebbe essere il nuovo Khaby? #learnfromkhaby #imparacontiktok #stitch

♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

In a duet, both videos are played by side. It's best for reaction videos, copying trends, and doing TikTok challenges. The more people join in, the more popular your video becomes and reaches more people.  


#duet with @aupinard the guitar is so fire, I just had to #music #fyp #bossanova

♬ son original - AUPINARD
  • Reach out to other creators in your niche: Collaborating with other creators is a great way to get in front of your audience. You can create creators you want to collaborate with and reach out to them with your ideas. If you are fairly new to TikTok, it's better to first interact with their content and familiarize yourself. You can do a video together or leverage TikTok's duet feature to create videos together. 

TikTok analytics offers good insights into who is watching your content and how they engage. You can use it to see which of your videos are most popular and what type of content works well for your audience. This process can help you understand your audience and get them to engage with your content. 

14. Build consistency

Consistency builds credibility on TikTok. The more often you post on the platform, the higher your chances of getting noticed by the algorithm. 

But that doesn’t mean you should be posting anything. Brands should keep a balance of quality and quantity. Create as much as you can without sacrificing the quality of the videos. 

TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times per day to experiment with different types of content. Based on 100,000 posts, the best time to post on TikTok in the week are;

  • Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM
  • Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
  • Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

Build consistency

These timings are not a rule of thumb, and they will be different for your audience depending upon their location and activity. You’ll want to post to TikTok when your audience is most likely active. 

To find the time when your audience is most active in the app, check your Business or Creator account analytics.

Business or Creator account analytics

Under analytics, you will see a dashboard with various engagement metrics. To get more insight into your audience, select the follower tab. Here, you can see where your audience is most active and the videos your followers enjoy. 

15. Leverage TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are highly effective in driving people to your page in a shorter time. Advertising on TikTok is budget-friendly and can be customized to the target audience. 

If you already have a TikTok business account, then all you need to do is set up an account through the TikTok Ads Manager to use TikTok advertising features. The most effective TikTok ad campaign (12% higher ROAS) is a combination of different ad types. 

Some of the most popular TikTok Ads that you can use are-

  • In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are designed to appear seamlessly within a user's regular TikTok feed, blending in with the organic content that users typically see from the accounts they follow. Always add a CTA to your in-feed ads for prompt engagement and conversion.


  • Top-view Ads

TopView ads are highly engaging and rank at one on TikTok's engagement index. It is the first ad users see when they open an app and can last up to 60 seconds. Reserve the top view ads for the most artfully crafted content so users don’t skip. 

girl with paint on her eyelid

  • Spark Ads

Boost different types of videos – videos created by you, the creator made or ones that mention your brand are customizable, budget-friendly, and highly effective in boosting discoverability and generating brand awareness.

At Kurve, we help Sweatcoin, a health and fitness app, grow a 10x increase in monthly user growth via paid campaigns. The key was that paid advertising allowed the team to control campaign volume and CPI. It also meant that they could run low-level experiments to see which ads worked and which didn’t and later scale their campaigns more effectively.

16. Niche down to reach the target audience

A niche audience is a subgroup of your target market with specific needs and features that resonate with your product or service benefits. Focusing your content on a specific topic or niche attracts engaged viewers, boosting your chances of viral success.

Here is how you can find your niche on TikTok:

Step 1: Analyze the product/service you are selling and who might be interested in spending their hard-earned money on it. 

Step 2: See who your competitors are targeting. This is the fastest way to understand who is your target audience and what content they like. 

Step 3: Use TikTok Creative Center to find content inspirations, trends, and creative tools to gain deep insights into your target market. 

Step 4: Now that you know your target audience on TikTok, you can map out its buyer persona. A complete customer profile should include a person's- profession, age, gender, income, Geographical location, Goals, and Challenges. 

Now, you can easily create content based on the interests and problems of your target audience. This can multiply your chances of going viral on TikTok. 

Going viral is not the end game

We understand that virality brings a rush of followers, likes, comments, and shares, potentially catapulting a brand into social media stardom overnight. But it's crucial to remember going viral is not the end game -- it’s the beginning. 

Viral content consists of two people, one interested in the topic you created your video on and the other who likes your content or brand. It’s vital that you attract people to follow your brand. Only then can your viral content translate into long-term brand advocates.

You will have to find a way to;

  • Increase brand awareness on TikTok and identify early trends,
  • Capture attention and build a loyal brand community,
  • Constantly drive business through TikTok,
  • Transform their customers into brand advocates.

And that is where Kurve comes in. At Kurve, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our expertise in creating successful TikTok campaigns speaks for itself in our impressive portfolio. 

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