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12 Super Effective User Acquisition Strategies in 2024

by Oren Greenberg on

User acquisition has become a massive challenge in today's hyper-competitive mobile app market.

Successful companies like Packed have recognized the importance of strategic user acquisition and entrusted the task to expert agencies like us at Kurve. We specialize in mobile user acquisition channels and app marketing. Our expertise can help you unlock the potential of mobile app user acquisition strategies in 2024.

In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil 12 powerful strategies to help you attract and acquire valuable users for your mobile app. Whether you are a seasoned app developer or a beginner, this blog will provide everything you need to develop a winning mobile user acquisition strategy. 


What is User Acquisition?

Over 255 billion app downloads have taken place globally. It's a competitive and dynamic market, and the fight for users is fierce. 

User acquisition has become a critical focus for app marketers and developers. It involves implementing various strategies to acquire users, drive app downloads, engage users, and foster long-term loyalty.

To succeed in user acquisition, developers must first understand their target audience. Then, they must optimize their app store page presence and leverage various marketing channels. This includes tactics like App Store Optimization (ASO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and social media advertising. Developers can maximize their app store page's visibility and drive high-quality downloads by effectively reaching potential users and delivering a compelling value proposition.

User acquisition is not only about getting users to install an app. It's also about ensuring ongoing engagement and retention. Developers can attract users by implementing data-driven strategies, delivering a seamless onboarding experience, and nurturing long-term relationships. Successful user acquisition strategies are crucial to unlocking the full potential of a mobile app.

Why is User Acquisition Strategy Important?

Why does user acquisition even matter?

User acquisition is not only about attracting users to download your app. It encompasses everything from acquiring, engaging, and retaining valuable users. Here are six key reasons why having a robust user acquisition strategy is crucial for mobile app companies:

Why is User Acquisition Strategy Important

  1. Stand out amongst competitors: A well-designed user acquisition strategy helps your app outshine the competition and capture your target audience's attention.
  2. Expand your user base: Acquiring new users enables you to expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and tap into new markets, fueling your app's growth.
  3. Drive app downloads: An effective user acquisition strategy drives more app downloads. This gives your app the initial traction it needs for success.
  4. Monetize your app: Many app creators aim to generate revenue from the app. Acquiring users more likely to make in-app purchases or engage with your monetization strategies is essential. 
  5. Foster user engagement: By attracting and retaining users who have a genuine interest in your app, you can boost user engagement, increase session durations, and build a loyal user base.
  6. Stay ahead of the curve: Adapting to evolving trends and leveraging new user acquisition channels allows you to stay competitive in the dynamic app market.

A well-executed user acquisition strategy is crucial for mobile app companies. It allows them to compete, expand their user base, drive downloads, monetize their apps, boost user engagement, and stay relevant in a dynamic market.

Challenges in User Acquisition

Forming a winning user acquisition strategy might seem simple, but it comes with many challenges. Consider the competitive landscape and the complex journey users go through before signing up. There are a lot of touchpoints along the way. 

Challenges in User Acquisition

That's why user acquisition poses such a plethora of challenges. The process involves:

  • Attracting the right audience.
  • Convincing them to download and try your app.
  • Converting them into active users.

This journey requires careful planning and execution to overcome the following key challenges:

  1. Targeting the right audience: Identifying and reaching the audience that aligns with your app's value proposition can be challenging amidst a vast user pool.
  2. User retention and engagement: Retaining and keeping users engaged with your app over time is crucial but requires continuous effort and effective communication.
  3. App store visibility: With millions of apps available, getting your app noticed by potential users becomes challenging.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: User acquisition can be costly. Optimizing your budget to get quality users while maintaining cost-effectiveness is a constant challenge.

While these challenges might seem formidable, the appropriate strategies and methodologies can assist you in circumventing them. In the following sections, we will discuss several user acquisition strategies. We'll arm you with the arsenal needed to surmount these challenges and propel significant growth for your mobile app.

User Acquisition Channels and Strategies for Mobile Apps

First, let's delve into a diverse range of channels and tactics designed to aid you in acquiring valuable users.

From organic methods like App Store Optimization to paid approaches like influencer partnerships, we will cover various tactics tailored to your app's unique needs.

User Acquisition Channels and Strategies for Mobile Apps


TikTok has emerged as a powerful user acquisition channel for mobile apps. In 2024, leveraging its viral nature and diverse user base can be game-changing. Kurve utilized this platform to make Sweatcoin the fastest-growing health and fitness app. Our data-forward strategy combined paid social media advertising with Google campaigns to achieve accelerated growth.

Check out this Sweatcoin case study to understand how we harnessed the power of TikTok for user acquisition.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a critical aspect of user acquisition in 2024. It involves optimizing your app's visibility in app store search results, leading to more organic downloads. Key elements include choosing the right keywords, creating compelling app descriptions, and leveraging user reviews. With a well-optimized app store listing, you can attract the right users to your app.


Google offers many tools for effective user acquisition, from SEO and SEM to Google Ads and Google Play Store Optimization. Kurve's data-driven strategies have helped clients like Packed lower their Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

By harnessing Google's powerful tools with our scientific approach, we can create high-performing campaigns that maximize your marketing ROI.

Discover how we helped Packed in our case study.


Instagram's visual platform and extensive reach make it a great channel for user acquisition. Several strategies exist to reach and engage your target audience. The most effective are sponsored posts, Instagram stories and influencer collaborations. To optimize user acquisition on Instagram, start by creating visually compelling content. Then, leverage targeted advertising, and build strong relationships with influencers in your niche.

Organic Mobile User Acquisition

Organic Mobile User Acquisition remains crucial in 2024. Strategies include:

  • improving app design,
  • improving app functionality,
  • creating engaging content, 
  • and encouraging user reviews.

Implementing SEO best practices and optimizing your app store listing can drive organic traffic. Organic acquisition is cost-effective, helps foster genuine user relationships, and contributes to long-term app success.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be instrumental in driving app downloads. Working with influencers who resonate with your target audience can amplify your reach and build trust. When choosing influencers, consider their audience, engagement rates, and content style. Collaborating on sponsored content or app reviews can attract and acquire new users.

Offline Advertising

In a digital-centric world, offline advertising can offer a unique touchpoint to reach potential users. From out-of-home advertising and print media to events and direct mail, offline channels can drive app awareness and downloads. These strategies can also complement online efforts, creating a unified brand experience.

Referrals and Invites

Referral programs incentivize current users to invite others to your app. Offering referral rewards can lead to new user acquisition and improve user loyalty. Similarly, invitation-only strategies can create a sense of exclusivity, enticing potential users to join. Both approaches can amplify user growth.

Press Coverage

Press coverage can boost your app's visibility. Securing features in tech blogs, industry publications, or mainstream media can attract potential users. Press releases about app updates, awards, or milestones can also catch the attention of journalists and influencers. Often, this leads to additional coverage and user acquisition.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains an effective user acquisition strategy. Leveraging targeted email campaigns can drive app downloads from potential users. From sharing app updates and features to personalized recommendations, email content can pique interest and lead to conversions. Make sure to include clear CTAs and deep links to your app.

Traditional Marketing

Make sure to pay attention to traditional marketing channels for user acquisition. Television, radio, print advertising, or billboards can still provide considerable reach. While less measurable than digital channels, traditional marketing can supplement your overall user acquisition strategy and increase brand awareness.

Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile ad networks are essential for driving app installs. Platforms like Google AdMob and Facebook Audience Network offer targeted advertising options to reach potential app users. These networks allow you to display ads to specific user demographics, optimizing your ad spending and increasing your chances of acquiring quality users.

While these strategies can be effective, their success depends on how well they align with your specific business objectives and target audience needs. The key is testing, measuring, and refining your approach for maximum ROI.

Effective App User Acquisition Practices

Acquiring app users is both an art and a science.

It involves not only attracting new users but also engaging and retaining them. This section presents practical, actionable app user acquisition practices. They are based on extensive research and our deep understanding of the mobile app landscape. By deploying these strategies, you can distinguish your app and connect with the right audience.

Let's investigate these practices for an effective mobile user acquisition campaign.

Effective App User Acquisition Practices

Set a Campaign Budget

Budgeting is the foundation of any successful user acquisition campaign. Deciding your initial investment capacity can provide direction to your campaign strategies. It's essential to allocate your budget across different channels based on their performance and potential.

Consider factors like Cost per Install (CPI), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), and Lifetime Value (LTV) of the users. Be ready to adjust your budget based on the campaign performance and market dynamics.

Ask Loyal Users for Reviews

Positive reviews can boost your app's credibility and visibility, driving more downloads. Encourage your loyal users to leave reviews on the app store. You can request this via in-app prompts or through email correspondence.

Ensure the process is streamlined and swift. Respond to the reviews to show your appreciation and address any issues raised. This can improve your relationship with users and attract potential ones.

Optimize Reach

Your app can only succeed if it reaches the right audience. Identify who your target users are and understand their behaviors and preferences. Optimize your reach through organic search, app stores, social media and email marketing. Use SEO and ASO techniques to improve visibility in search results. Implement a multi-channel approach to ensure you cover all potential touchpoints.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can give your app the initial push it needs. Platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and mobile ad networks offer targeted advertising options. They allow you to reach potential users based on their interests, behavior and demographics. Combine this with compelling ad copy and visuals to attract users. Remember to monitor and optimize your ad campaigns for the best results.

Consider a Freemium Model

A freemium model offers basic app features for free while charging for premium features or content. This model can attract a large user base as it lowers the barrier to entry. Users who find value in the free version have a higher chance of upgrading to the premium version. However, ensure the free version is valuable enough to engage users and entice them to upgrade.

Aim to be Viral

Creating viral content can boost your app's user base. This includes engaging videos, interactive quizzes, or unique features that users will likely share. Make sharing easy within the app, and incentivize users to share content or refer friends. Remember that going viral shouldn't be the end goal but a means to increase visibility and downloads.

Create a Mailing List

Email marketing is a powerful tool for user acquisition. Start building your mailing list early. Offer users incentives to subscribe, like exclusive content or special offers. Send regular, valuable emails to keep users engaged. Include updates, tips, and direct links to your app. Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly, as most users will read them on their devices.

Prioritize Effective Channels

Not all user acquisition channels will yield the same results. Track the performance of different channels and focus on those bringing in the most engaged users. This could be organic search, social media, paid ads, or referrals. Prioritizing effective channels can optimize your resources and efforts for better user acquisition.

Do an A/B Test for Campaigns

A/B testing can improve your user acquisition efforts. It involves testing two variants of a campaign to see which performs better. You can A/B test different aspects of your campaigns, like ad copy, images, CTAs, and landing pages. Use the insights from A/B testing to refine your strategies and improve user acquisition.

Create Videos for Advertising

Using interactive content formats like video can proficiently attract users. Create appealing videos showcasing your app's features and benefits. You can use these videos for advertising on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Ensure your videos are high-quality, short, and have a clear call to action.

Delegate Campaigns to a User Acquisition Manager

Managing user acquisition campaigns can be complex and time-consuming. Consider delegating this task to a dedicated User Acquisition Manager. This professional can plan, execute, track, and optimize your campaigns, ensuring they align with your business goals and deliver results.

Set Up KPIs and Metrics

The establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and relevant metrics is pivotal in quantifying the success of your user acquisition initiatives. These can include metrics like the number of installs, user engagement, conversion rate, user retention, and LTV. Monitor these metrics and adjust your strategies for continuous improvement.

Final Thoughts

Building a successful mobile user acquisition strategy is no easy feat. But, with the right tactics and a data-driven approach, you can overcome the challenges and drive your app to new heights. You can attract, engage, and retain valuable users by combining organic and paid strategies, optimizing your app, and creating engaging content.

Remember, consistency is critical to user acquisition. Track your KPIs, adjust your strategies as necessary, and stay updated with the latest trends. At Kurve, we specialize in helping mobile apps like yours navigate the complexities of user acquisition. Our strategies will ensure your mobile app reaches its full potential.

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