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A Comprehensive Guide to TikTok Influencer Marketing

by Oren Greenberg on

TikTok isn’t about dance-offs and lip-sync battles anymore – it’s a dynamic platform that has grown beyond anyone's predictions and is a key player in modern marketing strategies.

Influencers are at the heart of TikTok's success. They offer a fresh perspective and authentic voices, helping us connect with younger audiences on a more personable level. 

As marketers, we understand the immense potential TikTok presents for influencer marketing. 

That's why we created this comprehensive guide. You'll learn about selecting the right influencers for your brand and creating effective marketing campaigns. We’ve filled it with practical strategies to enhance your presence on TikTok and turn impressions into conversions.

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Understanding the TikTok Phenomenon

TikTok has seen rampant growth since its inception in 2016. It now boasts over 1.8 billion monthly active users, solidifying its status as the fastest-growing social media app platform worldwide. These users are engaged too – TikTok has the highest engagement rate (4.25%), followed by Instagram (0.60%), Facebook (0.15%) and Twitter (0.05%). 

Understanding the TikTok Phenomenon


Different sets of metrics on TikTok with percentages for each. An example is the percentage of NAs users under 29

TikTok's unique attributes, like short-form videos and user-friendly editing tools, have struck a chord with people across the globe. The user base is diverse, with Gen Z dominating the platform—over 80% of this generation engages with TikTok. Additionally, the platform is available in 154 countries and 75 languages, further enriching its reach and appeal.

The thriving content on TikTok can be attributed to its authentic, fun, and relatable nature. Entertainment, dance, and pranks rank high among popular content categories, with trending videos accumulating billions of hashtag views. This content resonates with users, embracing creativity and showcasing diverse talents in easily digestible formats.

Does TikTok Influencer Marketing Work?

Influencer marketing on TikTok has proven to be an effective strategy for mobile app promotion. At Kurve, we've seen firsthand the benefits of partnering with influencers. The advantages of influencer partners are considerable, from increasing brand visibility to enhancing credibility.

Take the example of Sweatcoin's partnership with us, a story detailed in our App Marketing Trends article.

Share of time on mobile app vs web app with 2 diagrams showing percentages for each

Using TikTok and micro-influencer marketing, Sweatcoin boosted its outreach strategy. The result? Increased app downloads and heightened brand awareness among existing customers.

Micro-influencers were vital to this growth. With their highly engaged, niche audiences, they have a real impact – 67.9% of TikTok users claimed to purchase a product after seeing it in a post from someone they follow. We’ve also seen advertisements featuring creators on TikTok result in a 26% rise in brand favorability among users. Coupled with TikTok's user-friendly interface, the algorithm that encourages engagement, other social media networks and an audience brimming with Gen Z users, it's no wonder that authentic, relatable content gets such a positive response on the platform.

Curious about how TikTok fits within the broader app marketing landscape? Explore our article about the latest App Marketing Trends for more insights. The combination of strategies employed by successful brands paints a clear picture of how significant TikTok is in the digital marketing world.

How to do Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Some TikTok video examples from influencers

Image Source

Crafting an effective influencer marketing campaign on TikTok is a challenging task. It involves rigorous planning, strategic execution, and ongoing optimization.

For a practical application of these strategies, look no further than how we partnered with Sweatcoin for their campaign.

Understand TikTok's Ecosystem

TikTok's ecosystem is unique, with unique vibes and distinct content preferences. Understanding these nuances is the first step to launching a successful campaign in this space.

What we value about TikTok beyond anything else is its explosive growth trajectory. The skyrocketing user base signifies endless potential for brands who find a sweet spot on the platform.

Strategically Define and Segment Your Audience

The power of data is immense when it comes to understanding your audience demographics, interests, and behaviors on TikTok.

Here at Kurve, we believe in the power of audience segmentation.

When you break down your target market into manageable segments, you can craft personalized influencer campaigns that resonate on a deeper level.

Conduct Competitive Analysis and Set SMART Goals

Conduct Competitive Analysis and Set SMART Goals

As you navigate the TikTok landscape, understanding your competitors' actions helps you avoid pitfalls and carve your benchmark. Along the way, setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals validates your journey and keeps your campaigns grounded.

Maintain Consistent, Authentic Content

It must be stressed more how important it is to maintain brand consistency and post genuine content that resonates with your audience. The aim isn't to blend in; it's to stand out as authentic.

Leverage Analytics and Adjust Strategy

An integral part of our campaign planning is leveraging the full analytics tool provided by TikTok. The abundant data-rich insights guide our actions and help us refine our strategy.

Engage with Strategic Influencers

TikTok influencer marketing is a gold mine due to its direct access to brand partners and the platform's engaged user base. The trick lies in selecting suitable influencers whose values align with ours. This way, you can reach your target audience and build trust and rapport.

Stay Updated with Evolving Trends

Much like Rome wasn't built in a day, mastering the dynamic nature of TikTok trends takes time and effort. Adapting to popular trends while preserving the brand identity is an art. It's about balancing what's in vogue and staying true to your core.

Utilize TikTok's Features and Editing Tools

TikTok's variety of features is a creative playground for all brands when creating engaging content. The potential for high-quality content is immense, especially when complemented by the platform's innovative tools. At Kurve, our mantra is clear: you should never compromise on the visual quality of your content.

An example of editing a video on TikTok

Image Source

Video Recording and Uploading

TikTok's user-friendly interface and nifty camera features are a treasure trove. Good lighting, stable recording, and high-resolution pre-recorded videos epitomize the quality of brand content. It's the foundation on which we stand.

Video Editing

Content is king, yes. But on a popular platform like TikTok, concise and engaging content is the emperor. The short video format demands creativity, and that's where strategic video editing enters the picture.

Filters and Effects

TikTok effects are trend-driven, some of which can become viral overnight. It's not about using the effects but understanding their virality potential.

TikTok Sounds

Like visuals, soundtracks play a pivotal role in driving engagement. It's more than background noise. It adds dimension and depth to our narrative.


The voiceover feature is a powerful tool for storytelling on TikTok. It can paint a thousand words, add a new twist, or provide commentary to our videos.

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming on TikTok serves a dual purpose. It allows real-time audience engagement and, at the same time, enables creators to monetize their streams.


The Duet feature personifies the collaborative spirit of TikTok. It allows users to create side-by-side videos, adding a fun element. The key, however, is to select content appropriate for a Duet, considering brand alignment.

Balance Organic and Promotional Content

Maintaining a balance between organic and promotional content is integral to our strategy. While promotional content drives direct conversions, organic content increases brand visibility and builds trust with the audience.

Engage Actively and Adjust Based on Feedback

Engagement goes beyond likes and shares. Responding to comments and participating in challenges helps us create engaging and entertaining content and foster a deeper connection with our audience. Above all, we value audience feedback. It is the compass that guides us, helping refine our content strategy.

Challenges in TikTok Influencer Marketing

Navigating the influencer marketing wave on TikTok has its fair share of challenges. You must tackle these roadblocks to ensure a smooth and successful marketing journey.

Challenges in TikTok Influencer Marketing

Finding the Right Influencer

Choosing the right influencer is akin to finding the missing puzzle in your brand's strategy. It's all about aligning our brand with an influencer who mirrors our values. This forms the heart of our successful partnerships, finding suitable influencers.

Yet, the selection process goes well beyond shared principles. What's crucial is a keen eye on audience demographics, engagement rates and content styles. The critical question is who speaks and who listens and how they react.

Authenticity Concerns

In the realm of influencer marketing, authenticity is the currency. Genuine endorsements form the foundation on which followers trust and where potential customers are built.

Inauthentic promotions can prove detrimental. It sticks out like a sore thumb, disrupting the natural flow of your branded content. More importantly, it can smear your brand reputation, affecting the trust instilled in the followers.

Managing Relationships

Like any other, relationships with influencers pivot on clear, consistent communication. Steer clear expectations from the start to set the stage for mutual understanding.

Influencer relationships aren't only about momentary collaboration but symbiosis. Nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial bonds paves the way for future collaborations while fostering growth and success.

Content Control

Influencers are creators at their core. Their distinct style and persona attract and retain followers. Granting them creative freedom is pivotal, but ensuring brand-aligned content is also important. It's a delicate seesaw that requires a discreet balance.

Clear content guidelines and regular check-ins can streamline the content creation process. These guardrails ensure that the trajectory remains consistent with the brand vision.

Platform Algorithms

The dynamic nature of social media platforms and algorithms influences content visibility. Staying attuned to the platform updates and modifications is essential to remain relevant.

Recognizing and reacting to these alterations is a significant part of our ongoing strategy at Kurve. It's all about understanding the game's rules to play it better. With TikTok, it's no different as we master its algorithmic dance moves.

Brands Excelling in TikTok: Case Studies


As a fitness app with ambitious growth goals, we're proud to have partnered with Sweatcoin to help them leverage the power of TikTok and achieve phenomenal growth. Sweatcoin's growth model was initially based on influencers, referrals and viral loops. While this had proved successful, garnering 60 million registered users, there was room for improvement. 

We set out to create a more predictable and scalable growth engine.

A comparison of key details from Sweatcoin vs Kurve results

Together, we integrated Google App Campaigns (ACi). Then, we launched other paid ads on social channels like TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook into Sweatcoin's growth strategy. This resulted in a 10x increase in social media marketing spending while maintaining LTV targets and driving 10x monthly user growth.

Our approach included leveraging micro-influencers to make viral videos to reach the target demographic of Gen Z. These authentic, user-generated videos led to an immediate increase in engagement, lowering creative costs and creating viral advertising loops. The campaign helped Sweatcoin secure the #1 ranking in the UK within a few weeks and make the top 5 in the Health and Fitness chart globally.


Our work with the digital banking disruptor Treecard gives valuable insights into utilizing TikTok for strategic growth. Given the goal to escalate their presence in the US market, we embarked on a shared mission to drive installs and encourage users to plant their first tree with the 'Walk to Plant' campaign.

Some key results from 48 spark ads sourced over two months

We took a data-driven and creative approach – the winning combination for success on TikTok. The robust testing cycle, focused on user-generated content, allowed us to prepare for success. Within each cycle, only a few assets would meet our criteria. But the more we tested, the more we'd inch closer towards the winning video.

The 'TikTok Magic' was unleashed when we tested and deployed many SparkAds. We used TikTok's Video Insights tool to understand our audience's behavior and shape and test our assets for optimal engagement and conversions.

The results were astonishing. The monthly growth was > 150%, and the Walk to Plant campaign exceeded expectations. The customer response was terrific, and Treecard's presence in the US market grew stronger than ever.

Embracing the Future of Influencer Marketing with TikTok

In this guide, we've explored how TikTok is a powerful marketing platform, with influencers at the heart of its effectiveness: 

  • We've explained the TikTok phenomenon and why influencer-generated content marketing works on this platform. 
  • We've shared a detailed process for executing TikTok influencer's content marketing campaigns.
  • We've highlighted potential challenges marketers face and shared case studies that exemplify winning strategies.

The potential for TikTok influencer marketing is immense. With its skyrocketing growth, user engagement rate, and evolving trends that keep the platform fresh, it's a goldmine for brands looking to connect with a younger, more engaged audience. As we move forward, influencer marketing will increasingly intertwine with TikTok.

Whether you are starting or looking to strengthen your existing marketing efforts, TikTok  is a promising addition to your marketing ecosystem. So take the journey and explore the countless opportunities awaiting your brand on TikTok.

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