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Who is Oren Greenberg?

I love working with ambitious businesses. These range from FTSE 250s such as Investec Bank, Canon, and HomeServe to funded startups such as Peakon, Wonga, Wink Bingo, Nutmeg, MarketInvoice and others you can see on the clients section. I’m a keen investor in disruptors, namely Fat Llama and Baby MORI. I’ve been featured in The Telegraph, Social Media Examiner, M&S, Virgin, HubSpot, Real Business, Awario, Brand24, Wersm, Foundrmag, Smart Insights, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Today, and Digital Marketing Magazine.


Helping you formulate a powerful growth marketing strategy.

We’ve developed our own tools and systems for effective digital marketing, having worked with the fastest growing businesses in the UK as well as many of the FTSE 250 companies. We optimise scaling with agility through a blend of brand buulding and performance marketing

Building your internal team

Building your internal team


Building an internal growth team

We’ve created a comprehensive testing framework, tailored to finding the best marketing talent.

Establishing your ideal fit

Interviewing candidates, plus a bespoke test

Reporting strengths and weaknesses


Growth is complex

Ideal if you have a preference to foster existing talent or build an in-house team. Suited for businesses scaling up.

Explaining the methodologies

Helping with funnels & channels

Supporting on the right tools


Fostering talent

Your Head of Growth will likely experience high-performance pressure. Supporting them will accelerate results.

From the tactical to the strategic

Assisting with training

Helping to build a functioning team

Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Uncover countless opportunities by reviewing your unique competitive landscape. From paid ads to traffic sources for any website or app, we can establish how to make an impact. Spot gaps, and understand where the growth opportunities lie in your niche.

  • 01Establish the landscape for your business
  • 02Establish the key services on which to focus
  • 03Pull the data from over 17 different sources
  • 04Analyse the data to spot opportunities
  • 05Craft the recommendations and create an action plan

KPIs and metrics reporting

Building dashboards

We are what we measure. This helps us get visibility on performance. Acquiring and analysing the right data in the right way is essential to success. Correct actions are built on data.

Intergrating systems

Whether we customise existing data sets through business intelligence tools or Google Data Studio, visualising data to draw insight is our day-to-day.

Fixing tracking problems

Without clarity on attribution, we have no visibility of action and result. We ensure that attribution tracking is telling you what you need to know.

KPIs & Metrics reporting

Building dashboards

We are what we measure-or at least helps us get visibility on performance. Getting the right data and analysing it to formulate corrective action is essential for success.

Integrating systems

Whether we customise existing data sets via BI tools for google data studio -visualising data drawing insight is our day to day.

Fixing tracking problems

Without clarity on attribution, we have no visibility over action-result.we are data/psychology scientists at heart.


The digital marketing landscape is vast and complex. It isn’t easy to know where sustainable growth will originate without testing multiple channels.

We use a proven framework for running marketing experiments at scale to drive quick results. Hypothesis, testing, and measurement underpin the Kurve team’s activity.

1. Identify landscape opportunities

2. Create experimental hypotheses

3. Run campaign ideas on channels

4. Feed results back into new experiments

Our clients – click PDF to download case study


Modular growth team

  • Managing digital channels
  • Inbound and outbound execution
  • Executing on analytics & data


Strategic consulting

  • Formulating the marketing strategy
  • Building the marketing stack
  • Supporting the internal team

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